Jason of Star Command
Jason of Star Command - The Complete Series
Title: Jason of Star Command
Format: Live-action
Running time: 30 min.
country: USA
Network: CBS
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 28
Production company: Filmation Associates
Executive producers: Norm Prescott; Lou Scheimer
Producers: Arthur H. Nadel; Joe Mazzuca
Principal cast: Craig Littler; Sid Haig; Charlie Dell; Susan Pratt; James Doohan
Air dates
First aired: September 9th, 1978
Last aired: December 1st, 1979

Jason of Star Command is an American children's television series of the science fiction genre. Patterned in the mold of popular sci-fi adventure franchises such as Star Wars and Star Trek, this live-action program was produced by Filmation Associates and aired for two seasons on CBS from September 9th, 1978 to December 1st, 1979, spanning a total of twenty-eight episodes. The show starred Craig Littler as the eponymous hero Jason, with Sid Haig taking on the role of the ever-bald baddie, Dragos. Other stars include Charlie Dell as Professor E.J. Parsafoot, Susan Pratt as Captain Nicole Davidoff and Star Trek alumni James Doohan (now boasting a mustache) as Commander Canarvin.

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