Isle of Wight
Category: County
Continent: Europe
Country: England

The Isle of Wight is a British island and county of England, located 3-5 miles (5–8 km) from the south coast of the mainland in the English Channel. It is separated from the mainland by the Solent and is situated south of the county of Hampshire. The island is known for its outstanding natural beauty, its world-famous sailing based at Cowes, and its resorts, which have been popular since Victorian times as holiday destinations.

The Isle of Wight played a provincial, yet unseen setting in the 1981 The Day of the Triffids BBC mini-series. It was here that group organizer Jack Coker established a haven for those who survived the effects of a passing comet that rendered the majority of Earth's population permanently blind. The establishment of the colony did not come easy as Coker and his followers had to destroy more than 50,000 dangerous, man-eating Triffids just to stay alive. After six years of struggle, Coker's group numbered in the hundreds and the Isle of Wight became one of the last beacons of hope in the struggling world. Coker's friends, Bill Masen and Jo Payton, as well as their extended family, joined Coker's group on the Isle of Wight shortly after their Sussex farm house was commandeered by a man named Torrence. [1]

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