Intergalactic Droid Agency
Vital statistics
Name Intergalactic Droid Agency
Aliases IGA
Continuity Star Wars
Type Business
Status Active
Leaders Unknown
Members Unknown
First appearance Star Wars: Droids, Volume 1 #1 (Referenced only)

The Intergalactic Droid Agency was a services organization that supplied its clients with droid assistants upon request. In the years leading up to the Galactic Civil War, the IGA came into possession of the protocol droid C-3PO and his astromech droid companion R2-D2. One of the first clients to lease Threepio and Artoo's services was Lott Kemp of Dodz. Unfortunately when the droids arrived on Dodz, Lott Kemp had been driven away due to the machinations of the corrupt Governor Kugg. Instead, Threepio and Artoo became the temporary agents of young Jost Ellon. [1]

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