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Inisero Cremaschi
Gender: Male
Medium(s): Television
Roles: Writer; Actor
Notable works: A come Andromeda
1st Sci-Fi: A come Andromeda: 1.1

Inisero Cremaschi was the principal writer on the A come Andromeda television series. He also played the role of Jan Olboyd in episodes 1, 3 and 4 of the series.

As a writer Edit

  1. A come Andromeda: 1.1
  2. A come Andromeda: 1.2
  3. A come Andromeda: 1.3
  4. A come Andromeda: 1.4
  5. A come Andromeda: 1.5

As an actor Edit

  1. A come Andromeda: 1.1
  2. A come Andromeda: 1.3
  3. A come Andromeda: 1.4

Notes & Trivia Edit

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