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Ian Holm
Ian Holm
Vital statistics
Name Ian Holm
Aliases Ian Holm Cuthbert; Sir Ian Holm
Place of birth Goodmayes, Essex, England
Gender Male
Date of birth September 12th, 1931
Date of death N/A
First appearance Alien (1979)

Ian Holm is a British actor born Ian Holm Cuthbert in Essex, England on September 12th, 1931. His first major role in a science fiction film was as the treacherous android Ash in Ridley Scott's 1979 horror classic Alien. He then went on to play the role of Napoleon in farcical time travel movie Time Bandits. Following Time Bandits, Holm's next sci-fi venture was in Terry Gilliam's futuristic fantasy drama Brazil where he played a character named M. Kurtzmann. A decade later, Holm took up the role of literary figure Alphonse Frankenstein, father of Victor Frankentsein in Kenneth Branagh's 1994 adaptation of Mary Shelly's novel Frankenstein. He followed this role with playing Father Vito Cornelius in The Fifth Element. Outside of the science fiction genre, Holm is best known to modern audiences as Bilbo Baggins, a central figure in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Body of work Edit

Alien 1979 Ash
Time Bandits 1981 Napoleon
Brazil 1985 Mister M. Kurtzmann
Frankenstein 1994 Baron Frankenstein
The Fifth Element 1997 Vito Cornelius
The Day After Tomorrow 2004 Terry Rapson

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Other notable roles include Jack the Ripper/Sir William Gull in From Hell, the White Knight in Alice Through the Looking Glass and the Devil in Simon Magus.

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