"She-Demon of Phantos"
Series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Season 1, Episode 5
He-Man 1x05 012
Air date October 6th, 1983
Writers Ron Schultz; Sam Schultz
Director Gwen Wetzler
Producers Lou Scheimer
Starring John Erwin; Alan Oppenheimer; Linda Gary; Lou Scheimer
Episode guide
"Diamond Ray of Disappearance"
"Teela's Quest"

"She-Demon of Phantos" is the fifth episode of season one of the animated sci-fi/fantasy series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. It was directed by Gwen Wetzler with a script written by Ron and Sam Schultz. It first aired in syndication on October 6th, 1983.

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Quotes Edit

  • He-Man: I'd like to talk to you for just a moment about safety. When we go to the beach there are lifeguards there to watch out for our safety. Crossing guards are in the street for the same reason, to help protect us. Now things like that are fine, but we can't count on someone always being around to protect us. We should practice thinking of safety all the time. So don't take a chance. And that's true whether you're crossing a street, or driving a car. Think safety.


  • He-Man: Elmora, your magic is evil now. We will free you and Phantos in spite of Skeletor's wickedness.


  • Teela: Listen, Elmora. You are a Queen of magic. And in magic, you know that what you see is what the magician wants you to see.


  • Skeletor: Your hatred of me will work in my favor. Every time you look at He-Man you will see my face. And you will think it is me!

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