Spacer was a generic term which referred to an individual who spent the majority of their lives in outer space. In most cases, Spacers were pilots more at home in the vast sea of space than on any planet or space station. Spacers were not always known to form tight knit communities, but those that did often held their own strict code of honor and values. Though uncommon, some spacers did take to living on colonized worlds. The spacers known to reside on the planet Aduba-3 lived by a very stringent code of ethics and were known to harbor a strong resentment for droids and cyborgs. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, a group of Spacers attempted to prevent a Verpine priest from burying a deceased cyborg on Spacers' Hill. Han Solo and his friend Chewbacca tried to help the priest and entered into a firefight with the locals, killing several spacers in the process.
(See Also: Star Wars, Volume 1 #7)
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