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  1. A pilot is an individual responsible for flying an air, space or hover craft. The term has also been applied to some marine vehicles. On a starship, the pilot is often referred to by the gender-neutral title Helmsman. A Helmsman differs from a traditional pilot in that they must coordinate their actions with the help of a support staff, usually a navigator or co-pilot.
  2. A pilot may also refer to the premiere episode of a television series. Pilot episodes are submitted to networks for consideration and based upon the results from test audiences, the networks decide whether the pilot should be extended into a full television program.
  3. Pilot may also refer to the bio-mechanical life forms featured in the television series Farscape. Pilots share a unique relationship with living bio-ships and are physically bound to the ship they are assigned to. "Pilot" is used both as a descriptor of the individual's profession, but is also used as a formal name.

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