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George Lucas
George Lucas
Birth name: George Walton Lucas, Jr.
Aliases: Jorg Sacul; Egroeg Sacul
Gender: Male
Medium(s): Film
Roles: Director; Executive producer; Writer
Date of birth: May 14th, 1944
Place of birth: Modesto, California
1st Sci-Fi: THX 1138 (1971)

George Lucas is an American film director, writer and producer. He is best known as the creator and the driving "force" behind the Star Wars film franchise. He is also the founder of Lucasfilm Ltd., which includes seven different media divisions including LucasArts, Skywalker Sound and Industrial Light and Magic (ILM).

Body of work Edit

Film Year Role
THX 1138 1971 Director; Writer
Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope 1977 Director; Executive producer; Writer; Editor
Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back 1980 Executive producer; Writer; Editor
Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi 1983 Executive producer; Writer; Editor
The Ewok Adventure 1984 Executive producer
Ewoks: The Battle for Endor 1985 Executive producer
Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace 1999 Director; Executive producer; Writer
Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones 2002 Director; Executive producer; Writer; Editor
Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith 2005 Director; Executive producer; Writer

Television Edit

Series Episode Role
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Ambush Executive producer

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • A special exclusive Star Wars action figure was made of an X-wing fighter pilot named Jorg Sacul. Sacul is "Lucas" spelled backwards. Another character, Egroeg Sacul was presented as a customer at the Star Tours ticket booth. Egroeg Sacul is George Lucas spelled backwards.
  • A fictionalized version of George Lucas appears in the "Raiders of the Lost Art" episode of Legends of Tomorrow where he is played by actor Matt Angel. In the episode, a young George Lucas from the year 1967 comes to acquire the Spear of Destiny. However, an incident frightens him to the point that he quits film school and thus never becomes a famous movie director. As a result, two of the Legends lose their special talents as they were never inspired to pursue their respective careers since Lucas never made Star Wars or Indiana Jones.

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