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Saw & Steela Gerrera from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

A freedom fighter is someone who fights for freedom wherever there's trouble. Kinda like G.I. Joe! Such individuals usually start out as heroic archetypes, but through their never-ending battle against the forces of tyranny, they can often times grow hard and embittered. Freedom fighters appear in nearly all elements of speculative fiction ranging from everything between Flash Gordon to the Terminator film series.

The modus operandi of a freedom fighter is to affect change for the sake of the common good. They operate to the betterment of those under their care, and to society at large. Their actions should never run counter to the interests of those they are committed towards protecting. Some could argue that there is a fine line between a freedom fighter and a terrorist, and there are those who are more than willing to bend the definitions of either term in order to paint an individual with a certain color of brush.

Characters Edit

The following list of characters is but a small taste of the various types of freedom fighters one would expect to find the speculative fiction genre and is by no means a complete list.

Character Source
Behrad Tomaz Legends of Tomorrow
Brendan Lahey Andromeda
Caesar Planet of the Apes
Carl Tyler Doctor Who
Christopher Summers Marvel Universe
David Campbell Doctor Who
Dortmun Doctor Who
Eli Cohn V
Eli Szura Invasion
Erica Evans V
Flash Gordon Flash Gordon
FN-2187 Star Wars
Hepzibah Marvel Universe
Hera Syndulla Star Wars
Jack Craddock Doctor Who
Jesse Flores Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
John Connor Terminator
Jyn Erso Star Wars
Leia Organa Star Wars
Leo Snart DC Television Universe
Luke Skywalker Star Wars
Lux Bonteri Star Wars
Mick Thomson Doctor Who
Ranikar Defiance
Ricky Smith Doctor Who
Riley Dawson Terminator
Sarah Connor Terminator
Saw Gerrera Star Wars
Shatter The Gifted
Steela Gerrera Star Wars
Trader The Gifted
Vampirella Vampirella
Vango Flash Gordon
Yondu Udonta Marvel Universe