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Frederick Treves
Vital statistics
Name Frederick Treves
Aliases Frederick William Treves
Place of birth Kent, England
Gender Male
Date of birth March 29th, 1925
Date of death January 30th, 2012
First appearance A for Andromeda: The Machine

Frederick William Treves was a British film and television actor who was born in Cliftonville, Margate, Kent, England on March 29th, 1925 and died on January 30th, 2012. His first foray into the world of science fiction was playing the role of Captain Lovell in the second episode of the 1961 television series A for Andromeda. He returned to the franchise for the 1962 sequel, The Andromeda Breakthrough, playing an RAF officer in the pilot episode of the series. In 1980, Treves added his name to the growing list of performers in the Doctor Who series playing the role of Lieutenant Brotadac in the "Meglos" storyline.

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Series Title Airdate
A for Andromeda The Machine October 3rd, 1961
The Andromeda Breakthrough Cold Front June 28th, 1962
Doctor Who Meglos (Part 1) September 27th, 1980
Doctor Who Meglos (Part 2) October 4th, 1980
Doctor Who Meglos (Part 3) October 11th, 1980
Doctor Who Meglos (Part 4) October 18th, 1980
The Invisible Man The Hunting of the Invisible Man October 9th, 1984

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