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John Fleming (Tom Hardy)

John Fleming was a scientist who worked alongside Professor Ernest Reinhart under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence. In 1970, Fleming and his team developed a highly advanced radio telescope at Bouldershaw Fell in the Yorkshire Dales. Shortly before its official opening, Doctor Fleming picked up a string of intermittent signals, which he determined had originated from the distant Andromeda Galaxy. Examining the signal, Doctor Fleming realized that the signal was in fact a computer program. He brought his findings to his superiors who compelled him to secrecy.


January, 2010 Edit


Somewhere in the Zeta II Reticuli system, the commercial towing vehicle the USCSS Nostromo edges through space. The onboard computer system activates and awakens the ship's crew members from their hypersleep. The crew consists of Captain Dallas, First officer Kane, Science Officer Ash, Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley, navigator Lambert and engineers Parker and Brett. They sit around a meeting table sharing food and coffee. Parker and Brett complain about their wages and make a point of noting that they are not receiving the same shares as the rest of the crew. Dallas goes to the computer mainframe to check on "Mother". He discovers that the crew has been awakened early due to an ambiguous distress beacon that Mother picked up. The rest of the crew try to get their bearings and they find that they are still in the Outer Rim - a long way from Earth. Ripley tries to send a message to Antarctica Traffic Control, but receives nothing. Dallas joins them on the bridge of the ship and tells them that Mother intercepted a transmission of "unknown origin". As per her programming, she awakened the crew so that they can investigate. They analyze the signal and find that it is an acoustical beacon originating from a planetoid some distance away.


February, 2010 Edit

Bill Masen 003

From an early age, Bill Masen's life was destined to intertwine with the dangerous carnivorous plants known as Triffids. As a young boy, his father and he discovered one of the large Triffids growing in their back yard. A short time later, young Bill saw a science film detailing the culture of a Triffid colony found in Ecuador. Frightened by what he had seen, he raced home and began digging his Triffid out from the roots. The plant defended itself by lashing at the boy with its stalking, injecting a poison into his system. Fortunately for Bill, this particular Triffid was too young for its poison to be fully effective and the doctors were able to save his life.


March, 2010 Edit

Greedo 001

Four years before the Battle of Yavin, a teenage Greedo and his younger brother, Pqweeduk explored the various caves inside the jungles of their adopted home world, Rodia. They discovered the remains of three old Rodian starships inside one of the caves. Greedo returned to his hut and asksed his mother, Neela, about the ships. Neela explained that many Rodians made a pilgrimage to this planet to escape the clan wars that had taken Greedo's father away from them.

Shortly after this event, a Rodian warlord of the Chattza clan named Navik the Red found the jungle colony and began slaughtering as many of the pacifist Rodians as he could find. Neela took her children and along with her brothers, Nok and Teeku, they boarded one of the starships and escaped. Nok piloted them to a heavily populated area in the hopes that they could start a new life for themselves. He took them to the smugglers' moon – Nar Shaddaa.


April, 2010 Edit

TOS 1x19 004

S'Slath-S'Slee was a male member of the alien race known as the Gorns. He was a military commander and captain of an MA-12-class starship for the Gorn Hegemony. In the year 2267, the Gorn Hegemony learned about the establishment of a Federation Earth outpost on the planet Cestus III, which was within their territory. Although the Gorn did not regularly inhabit the planet, they perceived the Federation's presence as an invasion and took measures to repel them. S'Slee's ship descended upon the outpost dropping bombs until the site was all but obliterated. Several hundred Starfleet personnel were killed in the fire-bombing.

Captain S'Slee took it upon himself to fake a communiqué to a Federation starship, namely the USS Enterprise, masquerading a Starship officer named Commodore Travers. He invited the crew of the Enterprise to come to Cestus III and to bring a large complement of tactical officers with them.


May, 2010 Edit

Matthew Bennell 002

Matthew Bennell was a health inspector working in the city of San Francisco, California in the 1970s. Bennell took his job very seriously and was not above embarrassing and threatening to revoke the licenses of restaurant owners by pointing out violations. In at least one case, the employees of a restaurant repaid Bennell for his comments by smashing the windshield to his car with a wine bottle.

Bennell's life changed forever the day his close friend and colleague, Elizabeth Driscoll told him about her boyfriend Geoffrey. Elizabeth was convinced that Geoffrey was literally not himself and took note of the man's recent cold and dispassionate behavior. Matthew didn't care for Elizabeth's "crazy dentist" boyfriend to begin with, but this was largely due to the fact that he harbored a secret crush on Elizabeth himself. Despite this, he wanted to help her sort out her anxiety so he recommended taking her to see a psychiatrist he knew named Doctor David Kibner. Elizabeth was reluctant to accept aid from a psychiatrist, but agreed to see him and Matthew made the arrangements.


June, 2010 Edit

Crais meets Crichton

John Crichton is a scientist and astronaut employed by the International Aeronautics and Space Administration. He is preparing to embark upon a mission to prove his own hypothesis to see if a manned spacecraft could overcome atmospheric friction and exponentially increase its speed using only a planet's natural gravitational pull. His childhood friend and co-worker DK expresses great excitement over the mission, but John has reservations. Complicating matters is the arrival of John's father Jack Crichton, himself a retired astronaut of some repute. Jack pulls his son aside and tells him how proud he is of him. John feels it will be difficult to step out from under his father's shadow. As a memento, Jack gives him a puzzle ring that was given to him by cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

John boards the Farscape-1 space module - a craft of his own design. The shuttlecraft carying the module launches out of Cape Canaveral in Florida. The initial phase of his flight proves successful as the module slingshots around the Earth's atmosphere. Suddenly however, John finds himself pulled into an electromagnetic cloud. The cloud pulls the Farscape-1 into a wormhole that shunts him through space-time into another galaxy.


July, 2010 Edit

Doctor Who 17x04 001

Millions of years ago, an alien Jagaroth named Scaroth attempts to leave the planet's surface in his space vessel. The ship is malfunctioning and chatter comes over the radio warning him to abort. Scaroth continues to work the ship's engines until it begins to hover above the planet's surface, at which point it explodes, seemingly killing him.

In the present, the Doctor and Romana arrive in Paris, France and take in the sights. They stop at the Eiffel Tower, then take the Metro across town and stop for lunch at a café.

Meanwhile, a scientist named Fyodor Nikolai Kerensky operates out of a hidden laboratory belonging to a nobleman named Count Carlos Scarlioni. Scarlioni observes Kerensky's work, but the nervous scientist complains about his lack of funding for his experiments. Unimpressed with Kerensky's concerns, Scarlioni hands him one million francs, confident that this will be more than enough to allow Kerensky to continue his work.


August, 2010 Edit

Dave Bowman

Dave Bowman was an astronaut and the first captain of the exploratory space vessel Discovery One In 2001, he was assigned to a mission known as Project: Jupiter - a journey that would take the ship to the planet Jupiter where it was expected to take up a permanent position as an artificial satellite. The official mission briefing was scheduled for one-hundred days, wherein he and his crew would map and study the world and transmit their findings back to Earth. After the mission was completed, he was expected to enter artificial hibernation and wait to be re-acquisitioned in the year 2006. However, the true mission of the Discovery One was one that only a handful of people back on Earth were even aware of.

His colleague, Doctor Francis "Frank" Poole as well as the rest of the crew and even Bowman himself were unaware of the true nature of their mission. Only the Discovery One 's onboard computer system, an artificial intelligence known as the HAL 9000, was privy to the specifics of the mission. As HAL was programmed to be deceptive concerning the parameters of the mission, this led to a conflict in the computer's logic circuits, forcing it to act against the interest of the ship's crew.


September, 2010 Edit

Land of the Giants 1x1 006

On June 12th, 1983, the passenger spacecraft The Spindrift makes a suborbital flight to London, England. Piloted by Captain Steve Burton and First officer Dan Erickson, the ship undergoes severe solar turbulence. Suddenly, a bizarre celestial anomaly appears before them and the ship is drawn into it. The Spindrift is pulled across the galaxy and they exit the anomaly in the orbit of an unknown alien world. Burton tries to radio London, but gets nothing but static. He informs the stewardess Betty Hamilton to keep the passengers calm while he angles the ship to a landing.


October, 2010 Edit

Outer Limits - The Duplicate Man 003

Megasoids are a sentient, extraterrestrial species of unknown origin. It has been implied that they may have hailed from somewhere in the Cygnus IV star system. As per the standards of the late 20th and earliest 21st centuries, Megasoids are the highest form of life ever discovered in space. They are farther along the evolutionary scale than baseline humanity, possess telepathic capabilities and have no difficulty when it comes to comprehending and speaking Earth-based languages. Despite their intellectual accumen, Megasoids are not regarded as peaceful creatures. They have an inborn instinctual need to kill, thus making them one of the most dangerous of all known alien life forms. Because of this, transportation of Megasoids was outlawed from the planet Earth some time in the mid 1980s.

Physically, Megasoids stand a little more than two meters in height. Their bodies are covered in fur, and they have long sharp claws, as well as a tail. Their cranial shape suggests Avian influences and they possess enlarged, distended brows and a beak in addition to a mandible. Megasoids are asexual creatures, able to reproduce at will come their predetermined reproductive cycle. A single Megasoid can produce more than one-hundred young per birthing cycle.


November, 2010 Edit

Andromeda 1x01 005

"Under the Night" is the pilot episode of the science fiction television series Andromeda. The episode was directed by Allan Kroeker and written by Robert Hewitt Wolfe. It first aired in the United States on the Sci-Fi Channel on Monday, October 2nd, 2000. It was first broadcast in Canada on Saturday, October 7th, 2000 on the Global Television Network. The series features the heroic Dylan Hunt, captain of the Systems Commonwealth flagship, the starship Andromeda Ascendant. After barely surviving a sneak attack from the genetically evolved Nietzscheans, Dylan finds himself frozen in time at the event horizon of a black hole for more than three-hundred years. When he awakens, he finds that the world he once knew is gone and now must try to survive in a universe where the Systems Commonwealth no longer exists. First however, he needs to settle the matter of a group of intruders who decide to lay claim to the Andromeda.


December, 2010 Edit

TOS 1x00 031

The crew of the United space ship Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike is flying through space en route to the Vega Colony when they intercept a distress signal originating from the Talos Star Group. The crew theorizes that the signal might have something to do with the survey ship, the SS Columbia, which disappeared eighteen years ago. Pike orders them to maintain course to the Vega Colony and retires to his cabin.

He summons his Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Philip Boyce to his room. Boyce prepares what Pike believes to be a tonic, but is in fact a martini. He says that some people are more willing to open up to their bartender than they are to their doctor. Pike vents his frustration about some of his prior missions, in particular, a recent fracas that took place on Rigel VII. He is overwhelmed with the burden of having to be the caretaker of 203 lives. From the communicator, Science Officer Spock interrupts their conversation to report that they have discovered eleven survivors of the SS Columbia on the planet Talos IV. Pike goes to the bridge of the ship and orders his navigator, José Tyler, to direct their course to the Talos Star Group - Time Warp 7.


January, 2011 Edit

Cleopatra 2525 1x1 003

Three warriors named Helen Carter, Sarge and Horst take a shaft to the surface of the Earth as part of their next assignment. Although she is the leader of the group, Helen is nervous for she has never been to the surface before. She interfaces with "The Voice", the disembodied architect who assigns them their missions. The Voice tells Helen that it is necessary for her to go to the surface to complete their mission. As soon as they are topside, a robotic flying ship known as a Bailey descends upon them. They activate their shields just as the Bailey opens fire. Helen gets up close and fires a shot from her gauntlet, blasting away at the sentinel's arm cannon. The weapon falls and Helen scoops it up for later analysis. The three retreat back into the fox hole and enter the caverns below the Earth.

As they collect themselves however, Helen and Sarge discover that Horst is actually a betrayer robot. Horst's arms turn into cannons and he begins shooting at them. The two women fire back, but Sarge takes a hit to the stomach. Helen grabs her and they dead-drop into a tunnel shaft. After examining her, she determines that Sarge is going to need a new kidney. She brings her to a feline mutant who specializes in organ transplants. The cat man is preoccupied however with his newfound discovery - a cryogenically frozen woman from the early 21st century. Helen keeps the cat man's attention on her and trades him a piece of wood (a rare commodity in these underground environs) for his services. He puts Sarge into a machine that heals her.


February, 2011 Edit

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991) 002

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah is a Japanese science fiction action film and part of the Godzilla film franchise. It is the eighteenth film in the series and the third film in the "Heisei period", which ran from 1984 to 1995 (not including the Gamera relaunch films, which extended the era-run to 1999). The movie was written and directed by Kazuki Ōmori and produced by Toho Company, Ltd. It premiered in Japan on December 14th, 1991. The premise of the film involves a group of time travelers from the 23rd century, who come back to the year 1992 to manipulate the timestream to prevent Japan from growing into a corrupt nation that will one day emerge as the most dominant super-power on the planet. To facilitate these objectives, they use the daikaiju known as King Ghidorah to eliminate the most pressing threat to their plans - Godzilla. Arriving in Tokyo, the time travelers immediately consult with the Japanese Prime Minister and warn them that the super monster Godzilla will one day attack Tokyo's nuclear power plants destroying the entire island nation. Thanks to the aid of writer Kenichiro Terasawa and Japan's favorite citizen Yasuaki Shindo, the government learns that Godzilla was once just a normal dinosaur known as a Godzillasaurus.


March, 2011 Edit

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991) 002

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah is a Japanese science fiction action film and part of the Godzilla film franchise. It is the eighteenth film in the series and the third film in the "Heisei period", which ran from 1984 to 1995 (not including the Gamera relaunch films, which extended the era-run to 1999). The movie was written and directed by Kazuki Ōmori and produced by Toho Company, Ltd. It premiered in Japan on December 14th, 1991. The premise of the film involves a group of time travelers from the 23rd century, who come back to the year 1992 to manipulate the timestream to prevent Japan from growing into a corrupt nation that will one day emerge as the most dominant super-power on the planet. To facilitate these objectives, they use the daikaiju known as King Ghidorah to eliminate the most pressing threat to their plans - Godzilla. Arriving in Tokyo, the time travelers immediately consult with the Japanese Prime Minister and warn them that the super monster Godzilla will one day attack Tokyo's nuclear power plants destroying the entire island nation. Thanks to the aid of writer Kenichiro Terasawa and Japan's favorite citizen Yasuaki Shindo, the government learns that Godzilla was once just a normal dinosaur known as a Godzillasaurus.


April, 2011 Edit

Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman (1958)

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman is an American science fiction film directed by Nathan Juran and produced by Jacques Marquette, Bernard Woolner and Woolner's company, Woolner Brothers Pictures. Marquette also served as the director of photography on the film. The screenplay was written by Mark Hanna and it was released theatrically in the United States on May 19th, 1958. The premise of the film focuses on wealthy socialite Nancy Archer, who is driven to excess due to the philandering actions of her unfaithful husband Harry. Harry and his mistress, Honey Parker, hope that Nancy's growing mania and abuse of alcohol will result with her being placed into a mental institution, thereby giving Harry access to his wife's fortune. While driving along Route 66, Nancy comes upon a large, spherical space craft. A giant emerges and exposes her to intense radiation. Nancy tells her story to all who will listen, but naturally, nobody believes her. The truth comes out however when Nancy begins mutating into a fifty-foot woman.


May, 2011 Edit

TOS 1x1 014

Doctor Elizabeth Dehner was a member of the Federation Starfleet and a psychiatrist stationed aboard the starship USS Enterprise. She began serving aboard the Enterprise in the year 2265 under the command of Captain James T. Kirk. Dehner met Kirk's First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell who, like she, demonstrated high marks in extrasensory perception. Dehner and Mitchell did not immediately get along with one another and Gary regarded her as a "walking freezer unit".

The crew of the Enterprise recovered a disaster recorder left behind by the SS Valiant, a ship that disappeared near the Galactic Barrier more than two-hundred years ago. Exploring the region, they came upon a giant magnetic anomaly that swept across the ship, wreaking havoc with the onboard electrical systems. Dehner was caught in the power surge wrought by the anomaly and collapsed on the bridge of the ship. Mitchell was also affected by the anomaly, but to a greater extent and had to be taken to Sick Bay. Exposure to the magnetic radiation mutated him, evolving him into a higher order of being. He found that his innate ESP capabilities were greatly enhanced and he could read the thoughts of others and move things with his mind. He could also discharge bursts of electricity from his hands. Mitchell's personality was adversely altered as a result of this as well and he came to regard himself as a god, viewing all others as nothing more than insects. Dehner sympathized with Mitchell's situation and was the only crew member who did perceive him as a threat. At a special meeting to discuss the situation, Dehner posited that there was nothing wrong with a man evolving to a higher state of being.


June, 2011 Edit

Cleopatra 2525 1x2 002

"Creegan" is the second episode of season one of the syndicated television series Cleopatra 2525. It was directed by Greg Yaintanes and written by Carl Ellsworth. It first aired on Monday, January 29th, 2000. In this episode, a villain by the name of Creegan and his gang of mutants raid the warrior women's headquarters and abduct Mauser. Cleo, Sarge and Hel struggle to reclaim their robot scientist before Creegan can siphon all of his secrets away from him.

Voice is concerned about the recent Betrayer robot attack and is concerned about further potential breaches in security. While Hel tries to assuage Voice's concerns, Sarge has Mauser giving her a massage - an inappropriate misuse of his capabilities. Cleopatra meanwhile, shows off her new outfit. Suddenly, a horde of mutants invade the lab and open fire. Cleo screams and Hel and Sarge snap to attention. As laser blasts fly all about the room, Voice emphasizes the importance of keeping Mauser out of mutant hands at all costs. If he cannot be contained, then he must be eliminated. The leader of the group is a mutant named Creegan. He instructs one of his warriors to capture Mauser. The mutant fires an energy burst that blasts the robot to pieces. While Hel and the others fight off the horde, several mutants gather Mauser's robotic remains. Creegan discharges a self-destruct grenade and they all escape.


July, 2011 Edit

Farscape 1x03 002

"Back and Back and Back to the Future" is the third episode of season one of the science fiction television series Farscape. The episode was directed by Rowan Woods with a screenplay written by Babs Greyhosky. It first aired on the Sci-Fi Channel on Friday, April 2nd, 1999.

As Moya is passing through the Uncharted Territories, it comes upon a malfunctioning ship. As they scan the crew, D'Argo recognizes them as Ilanic - blood cousins of the Luxans. They bring the two passengers, Verell and Matala aboard Moya while John Crichton checks out the ship. Surveying the instrument panel, he suffers a massive electric shock, which causes a strange distortion effect. The two Ilanics get into their shuttle and are taken into Moya's cargo bay.

Verell and Matala are extremely protective of their cargo, but Matala is relieved to find that it is still safe. Aeryn Sun wants to know what the cargo is, but Matala refuses to tell anything to a Peacekeeper. John assures her that Aeryn is now "retired". D'Argo offers them the services of the crew and says that they will transport them to their pre-arranged rendezvous point where they will deliver their cargo to another ship.


August, 2011 Edit

Carla Gugino 004

Carla Gugino is an American actress born in Sarasota, Florida on August 29th, 1971. Her first role in a sci-fi feature was playing a character named Laura on the "Standing in the Shadows of Love" episode of the NBC comedy series ALF. In the episode she was a potential love interest for recurring character Jake Ochmonek (Josh Blake).

In 1992, Carla appeared on the season 4 episode Quantum Leap entitled "Ghost Ship" playing a character named Michelle Temple Cutter. She was a young newlywed stricken ill on an ill-fated airplane ride and had to rely on a time-displaced Sam Beckett to save her life.

In 2001, Carla was a supporting character in the James Wong sci-fi film The One playing a character named T.K. Law.


September, 2011 Edit

009-1 1x1 001

"Infiltrators" is the pilot episode of the anime television series 009-1. It was directed by Naoyuki Konno and written by Shinsuke Onishi. It was first broadcast in Japan on October 5th, 2006 on the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS). The series derives it's name from the Number Nine Group, one of ten such squads of female espionage agents that make up the Zero Zero Organization. In the continuity of 009-1, the Cold War never ended and the agents of the 009 help to preserve the democracy of the Western Bloc, while fighting against their European adversaries in the Eastern Bloc. All of the agents of the 009 group are cyborgs, outfitted with retractable, automated weaponry hidden beneath artificial skin, the most notable of which includes, machine-gun breasts. The main character from the serial is Mirēnu Hofuman, (Mylene Hoffman in English translations), an attractive yet deadly cyborg whose slender body conceals a wide range of weaponry including a WA-P009 plasma gun and twin 9mm machine guns with bio-bullet ammunition. In this episode, the team's overseer, Number Zero, sends the girls out to rescue a Russian scientist named Zond Soyuz who wishes to defect from the Eastern Bloc to the Western Bloc. Mylene Hoffman has to infiltrate their adversary's stronghold and manipulate faction leader Ludmila Tundra into giving her what she wants.


October, 2011 Edit

Stargate SG-1 1x1 001

"Children of the Gods" is the premiere episode of the American science fiction television series Stargate SG-1. Directed by Mario Azzopardi and written by series creators Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright, "Children of the Gods" first aired on Showtime on Sunday, July 27th, 1997. This two-hour episode continues the storyline first presented in the 1994 film Stargate. It expands on the alien antagonists from the film, who are now identified as the Goa'uld and reveals that they are a parasitic race, whose true forms are small serpentine symbiotes that reside in human hosts. The System Lord of the Goa'uld, Apophis, finds a way to access the Stargate on Earth and abducts an Air Force Sergeant. In response, General George Hammond calls Colonel Jack O'Neill back to active service. Along with astrophysicist Captain Samantha Carter, O'Neill and the rest of his team must track down Doctor Daniel Jackson who is still living on Abydos and bring him back to Earth to help them face this new and awesome threat.


November, 2011 Edit

VOY 2x04 004

"Elogium" is the fourth episode of season two of the UPN television series Star Trek: Voyager and the nineteenth episode of the series overall. It was directed by Winrich Kolbe and written by Kenneth Biller, Jeri Taylor, Jimmy Diggs and Steve J. Kay. It first aired on Monday, September 18th, 1995. In this episode, the crew of Voyager encounter a swarm of space-borne alien life forms that generate an electromagnetic wave that traps the ship in their wake. Meanwhile, Kes prematurely undergoes the Elogium, the stage of development in Ocampan females where their bodies prepare to bear offspring. If she doesn't find a mate soon, she may forever lose her chance to ever bear children.

Aboard Voyager, Chakotay runs across two crewmen in the turbolift making out. The male crew member is clearly flustered over being caught by an executive officer, but Chakotay lets it slide. However, he reports the incident to Captain Janeway and wonders if it would be prudent to employ a policy about fraternization between crew members. Janeway is reluctant to endorse such a philosophy in lieu of their present situation. Moreover, it is more than likely that many crew members will begin to pair off the more time they spend in the Delta Quadrant.


December, 2011 Edit

Babylon 5 1x02 001

"Soul Hunter" is the second episode of season one of the syndicated science fiction television series Babylon 5. It was directed by Jim Johnston and written by series creator J. Michael Straczynski. It first aired on Wednesday, February 2nd, 1994. In this episode, Commander Jeffrey Sinclair rescues an alien known as a soul hunter from his ship before it crashes and brings it aboard the station and places it in the IsoLab. When Delenn discovers that the soul hunter is on board, she acts erratic and tries to kill him, warning Commander Sinclair that unless this alien is destroyed, it will consume the souls of everyone in it's path.

The staff of Babylon 5 welcomes aboard their new Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Stephen Franklin. Franklin is replacing their former CMO, Doctor Benjamin Kyle. After greeting Commander Jeffrey Sinclair and Lieutenant Commander Susan Ivanova, Franklin remarks about how busy the station looks, which is just the way they like it.

Moments later, Sinclair and Ivanova receive a message from Command and Control about a spaceship that just fell through hyperspace. The ship is heavily damaged and is on a collision course with the station. Sinclair takes a Starfury out and uses grappling hooks to halt the vessel and bring it into the launch bay. The occupant of the ship is a single alien who is immediately taken to the IsoLab. When Ambassador Delenn sees the unconscious alien, she recognizes his species and flies into a state of panic. She grabs Michael Garibaldi's weapon and tries to kill him. Sinclair restrains her and brings her back to his room so Delenn can calm down.


January, 2012 Edit

Star Trek TAS 1x07 006

"The Infinite Vulcan" is the seventh episode of season one of Star Trek: The Animated Series and is the 87th episode released of all programs combined. The episode was directed by Hal Sutherland with a teleplay written by Walter Koenig. The series was produced by Norm Prescott and Lou Scheimer of Filmation Associates with Star Trek regular D.C. Fontana serving as associate producer. The episode stars original cast members William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley reprising their classic roles as Captain Kirk, Mister Spock and Bones. It first aired on NBC on October 20th, 1973. In this episode, the crew of the Enterprise come to the planet Phylos where they discover a dying, sentient race of plant-like beings. The Phylosians are led by a cloned Earth human named Stavos Keniclius V who captures Mister Spock, cloning him as part of an extended plan to forcibly impose peace upon what he feels is a warlike galaxy.

Stardate: 5554.4: Starfleet orders the Enterprise to conduct a survey on a new planet called Phylos located on the periphery of the galaxy. Captain Kirk leads the landing party to the planet's surface, which consists of Mister Spock, Mister Sulu and Doctor McCoy. Spock conducts scans of the area and picks up peculiar readings from one specific building. He tells the Captain that they are being scanned by an unidentified life form. Kirk orders them to put phasers on alert.


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Incredible Hulk 1x04 006

"The Beast Within" is the fourth episode of season one of the sci-fi/superhero television series The Incredible Hulk, which aired for five seasons from 1978 to 1982. The episode was directed by Kenneth Gilbert and written by Karen Harris and Jill Sherman. It first aired on CBS on Friday, March 17th, 1978. In this episode, David Banner takes up a job at a zoo so that he can get close to a scientist who may hold the key towards controlling his anger issues. Doing so however, drops him in the middle of a conspiracy between several of the zoo's administrators. Plus, the Hulk fights a gorilla!

David Banner assumes the alias of David Bradburn and takes up a job as a janitor at a zoo. His true reasons for accepting the position however is so that he can get close to Doctor Claudia Baxter, a scientist who has been working on a theory concerning behavioral traits in animals. After engaging in some chit chat with the chief custodian, Joe, David manages to get himself introduced to Doctor Baxter. She dismisses him at first, and it becomes clear that she is a woman completely consumed by her work. David shows off his scientific prowess and Claudia realizes that he is more than just a mere janitor.


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ENT 4x4 008

Augments refers to a sub-race of human being who were cultivated through either selective breeding, genetic engineering or bio-augmentation. The terms is mostly found in the Star Trek mythos and was first coined by the fictional scientist Doctor Arik Soong. Variations of augmented human beings have been found in other science fiction media as well.

The most famous of augmented human beings within the mythos is Khan Noonien Singh, who was first introduced in season one of the original Star Trek television series, "Space Seed". Khan was a notorious historical figure in the internal mythology of the series and was a key figure in the Eugenics Wars, which took place during the late 1990s. Khan and his followers were products of selective breeding and as such, had enhanced strength, stamina and intelligence, far in excess to that of a normal human being. As the Eugenics Wars came to a close, Khan and his disciples fled from Earth aboard the ship SS Botany Bay where they remained in suspended animation for more than two-hundred years.


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