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Name Farscape-1
Continuity Farscape
Model Unknown
Class Unknown
Manufacturer International Aeronautics and Space Administration
Crew 1
Passengers 0
Armament None
Length Unknown
Width Unknown
Weight Unknown
Complement None
First Appearance Farscape: Premiere

Farscape-1 was a single-man space module developed by the International Aeronautics and Space Administration. In 1999, astronaut/scientist John Crichton flew the module in a mission to test his theory on using the Earth's gravitational pull as a means for providing additional thrust to rocket systems. An IASA shuttle launched out of Cape Canaveral carrying the Farscape-1. Once it was in Earth's orbit, it deployed the module and John began testing his theory. Early into his flight, IASA mission control picked up readings of a large radiation storm coming towards Earth. The Farscape-1 was pulled into a wormhole and was shunted to another galaxy. John suddenly appeared in the middle of an asteroid field. Worse, he also popped up in the middle of a battle between Peacekeeper Prowlers and a a group of escaping prisoners on board a living Leviathan ship called Moya. A Prowler piloted by Tauvo Crais came swooping around an asteroid and did not see the Farscape-1 in time to avoid a collision. It clipped the ship's left wing and spun out of control into an asteroid where it exploded. The crew of Moya, which consisted of a Luxan warrior named Ka D'Argo, a Delvian priest named Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan and a Hynerian Dominar named Rygel XVI witnessed the ship's sudden appearance and pulled it into Moya's hangar bay. [1]

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  • Referred to by Captain Crais as a "white death pod". [2]

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