"The Frightful Four!"
Fantastic Four 36
The Fantastic Four
Title: "The Frightful Four!"
Volume: 1
Number: 36
Cover price: .12
Cover date: March, 1965
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Editor-in-Chief: Stan Lee
Writers: Stan Lee
Pencilers: Jack Kirby
Inkers: Chic Stone
Cover artists: Jack Kirby
Cover inker: Chic Stone
Cover colorist: Stan Goldberg
Cover letterer: Sam Rosen
Colorists: Stan Goldberg [1]
Letterers: Artie Simek
Editors: Stan Lee
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"The Frightful Four!" is the story title to the thirty-sixth issue of the first ongoing Fantastic Four comic book series published by Marvel Comics. The story was written and edited by Stan Lee with artwork by Jack Kirby. It was inked by Chic Stone, and lettered by Artie Simek. Jack Kirby and Chic Stone also rendered the cover art illustration to this issue. This issue shipped with a March, 1965 cover date and carries a cover price of .12 cents per copy. In this issue, love is in the air as Reed Richards and Susan Storm announce their engagement. But the celebration is put on hold as the Wingless Wizard forms his own super-villain team to defeat them - the Frightful Four!

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  • This is the first appearance of the Frightful Four. All but one member of the group, Medusa, have made prior appearances in other titles.
  • This is the first appearance of Medusalith Amaquelin, aka Medusa. She is a member of a genetically bred race called the Inhumans. Thus, this makes this the first appearance of the Inhumans as well. The race as a whole makes their first official appearance however in Fantastic Four #45.
  • Behind-the-scenes appearance by Yancy Street Gang. This is a group of street punks that always play pranks on Ben Grimm. The Thing #1 reveals that Ben Grimm used to be the leader of the Yancy Street Gang when he was a teenager. Later stories will reveal that many of the pranks attributed to the gang, were actually conducted by Johnny Storm.

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  1. It is unconfirmed whether this creator fulfilled this job function or not.