Vital statistics
Name Eriadu
Aliases None
Category Planet
Galaxy Star Wars Galaxy
Stellar System Eriadu system
Locale Seswenna sector, Outer Rim Territories
Points of interest
First Appearance Imperial Sourcebook

Eriadu was a planet located in the Eriadu system in the Seswenna sector in the Outer Rim Territories. It is most famously known as the home world of future Imperial Grand Moff, Wilhuff Tarkin.

Points of Interest Edit

Eriadu City
Located in the southern hemisphere of the planet on the banks of the Orrineswa River, Eriadu City was the capital city of all Eriadu.
Old Town Factoryville
Old Town Factoryville was another large, industrial center on Eriadu and like many other cities, was a conjested and polluted example of the urban sprawl that grew steadfastly throughout most of the planet's more dense population centers. [1]
Phelar was one of Eriadu's larger cities and included the Phelar space port. To bolster security in the Seswenna sector, the Jedi Council established a starfighter base at Phelar Port shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars.

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