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"I said "P.M.S." and I meant "P.M.S."! Parisian Moonlight Syndrome. It never fails. Put a woman on the left bank and hang a moon over the Seine and suddenly she has to find her soul's deepest desire."
Ralph Dibny
"Europe '92: Part One
Concorde to Discord!"
Elongated Man 1
Elongated Man
Title: "Europe '92: Part One
Concorde to Discord!"
Volume: 1
Number: 1
Cover price: $1.00
Cover date: January, 1992
Publisher: DC Comics
Executive editor: Dick Giordano
Writers: Gerard Jones
Pencilers: Mike Parobeck
Inkers: Ty Templeton
Cover artists: Mike Parobeck
Cover inker: Ty Templeton
Colorists: Rick Taylor
Letterers: Bob Pinaha
Editors: Brian Augustyn
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"Europe '92: Part One: Concorde to Discord!" is the title to the first issue of the Elongated Man four-issue limited series comic book published by DC Comics. The story was written by Gerard Jones with artwork by Mike Parobeck and inks by Ty Templeton. Parobeck and Templeton also provided the cover art illustrations for this issue. It was colored by Rick Taylor with Bob Pinaha on lettering. The series was edited by Brian Augustyn. This issue shipped with a January, 1992 cover date and carried a cover price of $1.00 per copy (US).

Synopsis Edit

The Elongated Man and Sue Dibny are in Paris, France preparing for the Pan-European Economic Conference. Along the way, Ralph prevents the assassin Copperhead from murdering an important French finance minister. He nearly captures the villain, but suddenly Warp appears and transports Copperhead to safety.

That night, Ralph and Sue attend the conference. As they mingle amongst Europe's most important financial leaders, Sue has a chance encounter with Bito Wladon, the Archduke of Modora. Neither Ralph nor Sue realize that Bito is also the costumed criminal known as Sonar. Sonar flirts with Sue, but angers her by questioning her true feelings towards her husband.

Meanwhile, a strange super-powered terrorist named L'Escargot raids the conference and kills the French ambassador. Ralph springs into action, but Sonar stops L'Escargot's rampage with undulating waves of sonic force.

That evening, Ralph and Sue retire to their hotel rooms. Sue is disturbed by some of Bito's comments concerning her marriage, and Ralph and she get into an argument. They finally make peace with one another, with Ralph asking what will make her feel better. Sue tells him that she wants to go to Sonar's kingdom Modora.

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Notes & Trivia Edit

  • All four-issues of this limited series comprise the "Europe '92" storyline.
  • There are several references made to the country of Modora, Sonar's native land.
  • One of the French dignitaries is named Merlot Bordeaux. The name is actually two distinctive types of wine.
  • This is the first and only appearance to date of L'Escargot.

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