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The Elongted Man is an American comic book limited series published by DC Comics and features the costumed superhero Ralph Dibny, aka, the Elongated Man. The series was published from January to April of 1992 and totaled four-issues. The series was written by Gerard Jones with artwork by Mike Parobeck and inks by Ty Templeton. Parobeck and Templeton also provided the cover art illustrations for this series. It was colored by Rick Taylor with Bob Pinaha on lettering. The series was edited by Brian Augustyn.



  • All four-issues of this limited series comprise the "Europe '92" storyline.

The Elongated Man

Ralph Dibny 003

The Elongated Man's real name is Ralph Dibny. Having always been fascinated by tales of Indian rubber men, he discovered a rare root called Gingo which, when distilled, altered a person's physiology to give them enhanced flexibility. Mixed with a drink called Gingold, Dibny experimented with the root and developed the ability to stretch any part of his body to extreme lengths. Ralph became romantically involved with a debutante named Susan Dearbon. Sue learned about Ralph's stretching ability and the two were eventually married. Ralph became a private investigator with Sue often working as his partner to investigate strange cases. As a costumed superhero, the Elongated Man became a member of the Justice League of America. He remained with the group off and on, eventually returning to them during the Justice League Detroit era. Following the dissolution of this team, Ralph and Sue became part of Justice League Europe. Ralph's carefree fun-loving lifestyle suffered great tragedy was Sue was accidentally murdered by the emotionally disturbed Jean Loring - ex-wife of Ralph's JLA comrade, the Atom. Now a broken man, Ralph got involved with a group called the Cult of Connor, who believed they could resurrect Sue Dibny. Ralph's journey with them took him to Nanda Parbat and ultimately the tower of Doctor Fate where he encountered an old JLA villain, Felix Faust. Coming to terms with the fact that he could not bring his wife back, Ralph sacrificed his own life to stop Faust and his demonic benefactor, Neron. Ralph's soul was reunited with that of his late wife Sue and together they became a team of ghost detectives.

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