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Eddie Powell
Vital statistics
Name Eddie Powell
Aliases None
Roles Stunt man
Place of birth London, England
Gender Male
Date of birth March 9th, 1927
Date of death August 11th, 2000
First appearance The Boys from Brazil (1978)

Eddie Powell was a British stunt coordinator who was prominently featured in many of Hammer Films Productions horror classics of the 1960s and 70s. His first role in a sci-fi feature was the 1978 film The Boys from Brazil, followed shortly thereafter by Alien. In Alien, Powell doubled as the xenomorph alien in some shots in place of actor Bolaji Badejo.

Body of work Edit

Film Year Role
The Boys from Brazil 1978 Stunts
Alien 1979 Stunts
Enemy Mine 1985 Stunts
Aliens 1986 Stunts

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Ususually doubled for Christopher Lee in the old Hammer Horror Dracula films.

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