"They're a primitive backward people, Nog. Pity them."
James T. Kirk 001
Aliases: Human Beings; Humans; Terrans; Earthers; Pink skins [1]
Moomin-beans [2]
Fleshy bags of mostly water; Hoo-Man (according to the Ferengi)
Continuity: All
Category: Terrestrial
Status: Existing
Homeworld: Earth
Stellar system: Sol system
Galaxy: Milky Way
Body type: Humanoid
Lifespan: 65-75 years
Average height: Adults (5'5" - 6'5")
Avereage weight: Adults (120-230 lbs.)
Limbs: 4
Eyes: 2
Fingers: 10
Toes: 10
Special adaptations: None; They're incredibly boring people
Language: Many
Representatives: See Humans
Allies: Vulcans
Enemies: Too many to list

Earthlings are humanoid beings indigenous to the planet Earth. In most situations they are the most dominant life form on the planet. On rare occasion, human begins are either conquered or superseded by another, often advanced race of beings. In the Planet of the Apes mythos, humans brought themselves to near extinction through atomic warfare giving rise to an evolved species of sentient apes that took control of the planet. According to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, humans of Earth, and everything else associated with the planet are considered "Harmless". A revised edition of the guide expanded on the sentiment slightly, upgrading humanity's threat status to "Mostly harmless".

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"The ripe old smell of humans. You survive. Oh, you might have spent a million years evolving into clouds of gas and another million as downloads, but you always revert to the same basic shape. The fundamental human. End of the universe and here you are. Indomitable, that's the word. Indomitable!"
The Doctor[src]

In the continuity of Doctor Who, humanity's origins date back some 400 million years. An alien species known as the Jagaroth had landed on Earth as part of an expedition. The pilot, Scaroth, attempted to leave the planet's surface, but his ship exploded, splintering his corporeal form, sending replicated versions of himself through time. The radiation produced by the ship's explosion was the catalyst that prompted the evolutionary leap that brought about the human race. [3]

Stargate Edit

In the Stargate multimedia franchise, Earth humans are identifed as the Tau'ri. Translated from the tongue of the Ancients, Tau'ri means The First Ones. In the historical record of the Goa'uld, it is believed that all humans throughout the Milky Way Galaxy originated on the planet Earth. This includes humanoids from other planets whom the Goa'uld had enslaved. In the culture of the extraterrestrial Asgard, the Tau'ri are considered the Fifth Race.

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  1. Term applied to humans by Castithans on Defiance; intended as an insult.
  2. Doctor Who: The Ghost Monument. This was Angstrom's mis-pronunciation of "Human beings".
  3. Doctor Who: City of Death (Part 4)