"They communicate with sound, right...? Pitched beyond human hearing at ultra-sonic levels!"
Han Solo
Drexelian lizards
Drexelian lizard
Name Drexelian lizards
Aliases Drexelian dragon
Continuity Star Wars
Category Alien
Status Existing
Homeworld Drexel II
Stellar System Drexel system
Galaxy Unknown
Body type Reptilian
Average lifespan Unknown
Average Height Variable
Average Weight Unknown
Limbs 4
Eyes 2
Fingers 0
Toes 3
Special adaptations Cranial horns; tail
Social Structure
Sub-groups None
Prey None known
Enemies Governor Quarg and his Space Wreckers
First Appearance Star Wars, Volume 1 #14

History Edit

Drexelian lizards are actually the offspring of the much larger Drexelian dragons or sea serpents. Despite their animalistic appearance, the Drexelian lizards are actually semi-sentient intelligent life forms that co-exist peacefully with the human Drago Lords that live on the watery world of Drexel II. When the sadistic Space Wrecker Governor Quarg took over the great City-Ship of Drexel II, he drove all of the Dragon Lords away, forcing them to find shelter in undersea grottos. The Dragon Lords sent the serpents' young back onto the City-Ship as spies. Using their own unique method of sonic communication, they were able to report back to their masters and give them updates on the Space Wreckers' actions.

In 0 ABY, Governor Quarg used a sonic jammer to incapacitate a stolen Imperial Star Destroyer trapped in Drexel II's orbit. To maintain his hold over the ship, he sought to steal power from the captured Millennium Falcon in the hopes of amplifying his jammer's sonic waves. Unfortunately, the constant emission of sonic waves generated by the jammer had an adverse effect on the adult lizards and began driving them into a frenzied rage. The younger lizards suffered even more and began dying.

Thanks to the efforts of Han Solo and his newfound friends Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, he was able to destroy Quarg's sonic jammer and put an end to the villain once and for all. When the danger was past, the Drexelian lizards were able to resume their normal life cycle.

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