The Invasion (Part 1)
Series Doctor Who
Season 6, Episode 11
Doctor Who 6.11 001
Air date November 2nd, 1968
Writers Kit Pedler
Derrick Sherwin
Director Douglas Camfield
Producers Peter Bryant
Starring Patrick Troughton
Frazer Hines
Wendy Padbury
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"The Invasion" (Part 2)

"The Invasion" (Part 1)" is the first chapter of the eight-part "The Invasion" serial in series six of Doctor Who. It first aired on BBC One on November 2nd, 1968 and was directed by Douglas Camfield. The script was written by Derrick Sherwin based on a story treatment by Kit Pedler. "The Invasion" is the third-story arc in series six and spanned episodes 11-18. The story centered on the robotic Cybermen, which would go on to become one of the more notorious and popular of Doctor Who adversaries.

Cast Edit

Starring Edit

Actor Role
Patrick Troughton Doctor Who
Frazer Hines Jamie McCrimmon
Wendy Padbury Zoe Heriot

Guest Starring Edit

Actor Role
John Levene John Benton
Geoffrey Cheshire Tracy
Kevin Stoney Tobias Vaughn
Sally Faulkner Isobel Watkins
Peter Halliday Packer / Cyber-Director

Co-Starring Edit

Actor Role
Murray Evans Lorry driver
Walter Randall Patrolman

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