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Doctor Who
Doctor Who
Title: Doctor Who
Format: Live-Action
Running time: 30 min. (1963 series)
60 min. (2005 series)
country: UK
Network: BBC-1
Seasons: 26
Episodes: 695
Production company: British Broadcasting Corporation
Executive producers: Barry Letts
Producers: Verity Lambert
Innes Lloyd
Graham Williams
Philip Hinchcliffe
Peter Bryant
Mervyn Pinfield
John Wiles
Derrick Sherwin
Rex Tucker
Principal cast: William Hartnell
Patrick Troughton
Jon Pertwee
Tom Baker
Peter Davison
Colin Baker
Sylvester McCoy
Paul McGann
John Hurt
Christopher Eccleston
David Tennant
Matt Smith
Peter Capaldi
Air dates
First aired: November 23rd, 1963
Last aired: December 6th, 1989

Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a mysterious alien time-traveller (called a Time Lord) known as "the Doctor" who travels in his time and spaceship, the TARDIS, which normally appears from the exterior to be a blue 1950s police box. With his companions, he explores time and space whilst facing a variety of foes and righting wrongs. The programme is listed in Guinness World Records as the longest-running science fiction television show in the world, and as the "most successful" science fiction series of all time, in terms of its overall broadcast ratings, DVD sales, book sales and iTunes traffic, as well as "illegal downloads." It has been recognised for its imaginative stories, creative low-budget special effects during its original run, and pioneering use of electronic music. The show is a significant part of British popular culture; in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, it has become a cult television favourite and has influenced generations of British television professionals, many of whom grew up watching the series. It has received recognition from critics and the public as one of the finest British television programmes, including the BAFTA Award for Best Drama Series in 2006.

2005 Series Edit

Main article: Doctor Who (2005 TV series)

Doctor Who was revived with an all new weekly one-hour television series in 2005. The series carried over from the same continuity of the original series, but with a brand new cast of characters. The program debuted with actor Christopher Eccleston playing the Ninth Doctor and Billie Piper taking up the role of the Doctor's companion, Rose Tyler. Physically, Piper bore a strong resemblance to Lalla Ward, who played Romana, companion to the Fourth Doctor played by Tom Baker. The first season of the show aired for thirteen episodes with Eccleston bowing out with the season finale. Taking his place as the Tenth Doctor was Scottish actor David Tennant. Tennant debuted at the climax of the series one finale "The Parting of the Ways" and made his first full appearance as the Doctor in the series two premiere, "The Christmas Invasion". Piper reprised the role of Rose Tyler for series two, but by season three she was replaced with a new companion, Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman. Freema only remained on the show through the first half of series three whereupon she was replaced by Donna Noble, played by Catherine Tate. In 2010, David Tennant ended his role as the Doctor and the part was picked up by younger British actor Matt Smith.

Episodes (1963 series) Edit

Series One Edit

Episode Title Airdate
1x1 An Unearthly Child November 23rd, 1963
1x2 The Cave of Skulls November 30th, 1963
1x3 The Forest of Fear December 7th, 1963
1x4 The Firemaker December 14th, 1963
1x5 The Dead Planet December 21st, 1963
1x6 The Survivors December 28th, 1963
1x7 The Escape January 4th, 1964
1x8 The Ambush January 11th, 1964
1x9 The Expedition January 18th, 1964
1x10 The Ordeal January 25th, 1964
1x11 The Rescue February 1st, 1964
1x12 The Edge of Destruction February 8th, 1964
1x13 The Brink of Disaster February 15th, 1964
1x14 The Roof of the World February 22nd, 1964
1x15 The Singing Sands February 29th, 1964
1x16 Five Hundred Eyes March 7th, 1964
1x17 The Wall of Lies March 14th, 1964
1x18 Rider from Shang-Tu March 21st, 1964
1x19 Mighty Kublai Khan March 28th, 1964
1x20 Assassin at Peking April 4th, 1964
1x21 The Sea of Death April 11th, 1964
1x22 The Velvet Web April 18th, 1964
1x23 The Screaming Jungle April 25th, 1964
1x24 The Snows of Terror May 2nd, 1964
1x25 Sentence of Death May 9th, 1964
1x26 The Keys of Marinus May 16th, 1964
1x27 The Temple of Evil May 23rd, 1964
1x28 The Warriors of Death May 30th, 1964
1x29 The Bride of Sacrifice June 6th, 1964
1x30 The Day of Darkness June 13th, 1964
1x31 Strangers in Space June 20th, 1964
1x32 The Unwilling Warriors June 27th, 1964
1x33 Hidden Danger July 11th, 1964
1x34 A Race Against Death July 18th, 1964
1x35 Kidnap July 25th, 1964
1x36 A Desperate Venture August 1st, 1964
1x37 A Land of Fear August 8th, 1964
1x38 Guests of Madame Guillotine August 15th, 1964
1x39 A Change of Identity August 22nd, 1964
1x40 The Tyrant of France August 29th, 1964
1x41 A Bargain of Necessity September 5th, 1964
1x42 Prisoners of Conciergerie September 12th, 1964

Series Two Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x1 Planet of Giants October 31st, 1964
2x2 Dangerous Journey November 7th, 1964
2x3 Crisis November 14th, 1964
2x4 World's End November 21st, 1964
2x5 The Daleks November 28th, 1964
2x6 Day of Reckoning December 5th, 1964
2x7 The End of Tomorrow December 12th, 1964
2x8 The Waking Ally December 19th, 1964
2x9 Flashpoint December 26th, 1964
2x10 The Powerful Enemy January 2nd, 1965
2x11 Desperate Measures January 9th, 1965
2x12 The Slave Traders January 16th, 1965
2x13 All Roads Lead to Rome January 23rd, 1965
2x14 Conspiracy January 30th, 1965
2x15 Inferno February 6th, 1965
2x16 The Web Planet February 13th, 1965
2x17 The Zarbi February 20th, 1965
2x18 Escape to Danger February 27th, 1965
2x19 Crater of Needles March 6th, 1965
2x20 Invasion March 13th, 1965
2x21 The Centre March 20th, 1965
2x22 The Lion March 27th, 1965
2x23 The Knight of Jaffa April 3rd, 1965
2x24 The Wheel of Fortunte April 10th, 1965
2x25 The Warlords April 17th, 1965
2x26 The Space Museum April 24th, 1965
2x27 The Dimensions of Time May 1st, 1965
2x28 The Search May 8th, 1965
2x29 The Final Phase May 15th, 1965
2x30 The Executioners May 22nd, 1965
2x31 The Death of Time May 29th, 1965
2x32 Flight Through Eternity June 5th, 1965
2x33 Journey Into Terror June 12th, 1965
2x34 The Death of Doctor Who June 19th, 1965
2x35 The Planet of Decision June 26th, 1965
2x36 The Watcher July 3rd, 1965
2x37 The Meddling Monk July 10th, 1965
2x38 A Battle of Wits July 17th, 1965
2x39 Checkmate July 24th, 1965

Series Three Edit

Episode Title Airdate
3x1 Four Hundred Dawns September 11th, 1965
3x2 Trap of Steel September 18th, 1965
3x3 Airlock September 25th, 1965
3x4 The Exploding Planet October 2nd, 1965
3x5 Mission to the Unknown October 9th, 1965
3x6 Temple of Secrets October 16th, 1965
3x7 Small Prophet, Quick Return October 23rd, 1965
3x8 Death of a Spy October 30th, 1965
3x9 Horse of Destruction November 6th, 1965
3x10 The Nightmare Begins November 13th, 1965
3x11 Day of Armageddon November 20th, 1965
3x12 Devil's Planet November 27th, 1965
3x13 The Traitors December 4th, 1965
3x14 Counter Plot December 11th, 1965
3x15 Coronas of the Sun December 10th, 1965
3x16 The Feast of Steven December 25th, 1965
3x17 Volcano January 1st, 1966
3x18 Golden Death January 8th, 1966
3x19 Escape Switch January 15th, 1966
3x20 The Abandoned Planet January 22nd, 1966
3x21 Destruction of Time January 29th, 1966
3x22 War of God February 5th, 1966
3x23 The Sea Beggar February 12th, 1966
3x24 Priest of Death February 19th, 1966
3x25 Bell of Doom February 26th, 1966
3x26 The Steel Sky March 5th, 1966
3x27 The Plague March 12th, 1966
3x28 The Return March 19th, 1966
3x29 The Bomb March 26th, 1966
3x30 The Celestial Toyroom April 2nd, 1966
3x31 The Hall of Dolls April 9th, 1966
3x32 The Dancing Floor April 16th, 1966
3x33 The Final Test April 23rd, 1966
3x34 A Holiday for the Doctor April 30th, 1966
3x35 Don't Shoot the Pianist May 7th, 1966
3x36 Johnny Ringo May 14th, 1966
3x37 The OK Corral May 21st, 1966
3x38 The Savages (Part 1) May 28th, 1966
3x39 The Savages (Part 2) June 4th, 1966
3x40 The Savages (Part 3) June 11th, 1966
3x41 The Savages (Part 4) June 18th, 1966
3x42 The War Machines (Part 1) June 25th, 1966
3x43 The War Machines (Part 2) July 2nd, 1966
3x44 The War Machines (Part 3) July 9th, 1966
3x45 The War Machines (Part 4) July 16th, 1966

Series Four Edit

Episode Title Airdate
4x1 The Smugglers (Part 1) September 10th, 1966
4x2 The Smugglers (Part 2) September 17th, 1966
4x3 The Smugglers (Part 3) September 24th, 1966
4x4 The Smugglers (Part 4) October 1st, 1966
4x5 The Tenth Planet (Part 1) October 8th, 1966
4x6 The Tenth Planet (Part 2) October 15th, 1966
4x7 The Tenth Planet (Part 3) October 22nd, 1966
4x8 The Tenth Planet (Part 4) October 29th, 1966
4x9 The Power of the Daleks (Part 1) November 5th, 1966
4x10 The Power of the Daleks (Part 2) November 12th, 1966
4x11 The Power of the Daleks (Part 3) November 19th, 1966
4x12 The Power of the Daleks (Part 4) November 26th, 1966
4x13 The Power of the Daleks (Part 5) December 3rd, 1966
4x14 The Power of the Daleks (Part 6) December 10th, 1966
4x15 The Highlanders (Part 1) December 17th, 1966
4x16 The Highlanders (Part 2) December 24th, 1966
4x17 The Highlanders (Part 3) December 31st, 1966
4x18 The Highlanders (Part 4) January 7th, 1967
4x19 The Underwater Menace (Part 1) January 14th, 1967
4x20 The Underwater Menace (Part 2) January 21st, 1967
4x21 The Underwater Menace (Part 3) January 28th, 1967
4x22 The Underwater Menace (Part 4) February 4th, 1967
4x23 The Moonbase (Part 1) February 11th, 1967
4x24 The Moonbase (Part 2) February 18th, 1967
4x25 The Moonbase (Part 3) February 25th, 1967
4x26 The Moonbase (Part 4) March 4th, 1967
4x27 The Macra Terror (Part 1) March 11th, 1967
4x28 The Macra Terror (Part 2) March 18th, 1967
4x29 The Macra Terror (Part 3) March 25th, 1967
4x30 The Macra Terror (Part 4) April 1st, 1967
4x31 The Faceless Ones (Part 1) April 8th, 1967
4x32 The Faceless Ones (Part 2) April 15th, 1967
4x33 The Faceless Ones (Part 3) April 22nd, 1967
4x34 The Faceless Ones (Part 4) April 29th, 1967
4x35 The Faceless Ones (Part 5) May 6th, 1967
4x36 The Faceless Ones (Part 6) May 13th, 1967
4x37 The Evil of the Daleks (Part 1) May 20th, 1967
4x38 The Evil of the Daleks (Part 2) May 27th, 1967
4x39 The Evil of the Daleks (Part 3) June 3rd, 1967
4x40 The Evil of the Daleks (Part 4) June 10th, 1967
4x41 The Evil of the Daleks (Part 5) June 17th, 1967
4x42 The Evil of the Daleks (Part 6) June 24th, 1967
4x43 The Evil of the Daleks (Part 7) July 1st, 1967

Series Five Edit

Episode Title Airdate
5x1 The Tomb of the Cybermen (Part 1) September 2nd, 1967
5x2 The Tomb of the Cybermen (Part 2) September 9th, 1967
5x3 The Tomb of the Cybermen (Part 3) September 16th, 1967
5x4 The Tomb of the Cybermen (Part 4) September 23rd, 1967
5x5 The Abominable Snowmen (Part 1) September 30th, 1967
5x6 The Abominable Snowmen (Part 2) October 7th, 1967
5x7 The Abominable Snowmen (Part 3) October 14th, 1967
5x8 The Abominable Snowmen (Part 4) October 21st, 1967
5x9 The Abominable Snowmen (Part 5) October 28th, 1967
5x10 The Abominable Snowmen (Part 6) November 4th, 1967
5x11 The Ice Warriors (Part 1) November 11th, 1967
5x12 The Ice Warriors (Part 2) November 18th, 1967
5x13 The Ice Warriors (Part 3) November 25th, 1967
5x14 The Ice Warriors (Part 4) December 2nd, 1967
5x15 The Ice Warriors (Part 5) December 9th, 1967
5x16 The Ice Warriors (Part 6) December 16th, 1967
5x17 The Enemy of the World (Part 1) December 23rd, 1967
5x18 The Enemy of the World (Part 2) December 30th, 1967
5x19 The Enemy of the World (Part 3) January 6th, 1968
5x20 The Enemy of the World (Part 4) January 13th, 1968
5x21 The Enemy of the World (Part 5) January 20th, 1968
5x22 The Enemy of the World (Part 6) January 27th, 1968
5x23 The Web of Fear (Part 1) February 3rd, 1968
5x24 The Web of Fear (Part 2) February 10th, 1968
5x25 The Web of Fear (Part 3) February 17th, 1968
5x26 The Web of Fear (Part 4) February 21st, 1968
5x27 The Web of Fear (Part 5) March 2nd, 1968
5x28 The Web of Fear (Part 6) March 9th, 1968
5x29 Fury from the Deep (Part 1) March 16th, 1968
5x30 Fury from the Deep (Part 2) March 23rd, 1968
5x31 Fury from the Deep (Part 3) March 30th, 1968
5x32 Fury from the Deep (Part 4) April 6th, 1968
5x33 Fury from the Deep (Part 5) April 13th, 1968
5x34 Fury from the Deep (Part 6) April 20th, 1968
5x35 The Wheel in Space (Part 1) April 27th, 1968
5x36 The Wheel in Space (Part 2) May 4th, 1968
5x37 The Wheel in Space (Part 3) May 11th, 1968
5x38 The Wheel in Space (Part 4) May 18th, 1968
5x39 The Wheel in Space (Part 5) May 25th, 1968
5x40 The Wheel in Space (Part 6) June 1st, 1968

Series Six Edit

Episode Title Airdate
6x1 The Dominators (Part 1) August 10th, 1968
6x2 The Dominators (Part 2) August 17th, 1968
6x3 The Dominators (Part 3) August 24th, 1968
6x4 The Dominators (Part 4) August 31st, 1968
6x5 The Dominators (Part 5) September 7th, 1968
6x6 The Mind Robber (Part 1) September 14th, 1968
6x7 The Mind Robber (Part 2) September 21st, 1968
6x8 The Mind Robber (Part 3) September 28th, 1968
6x9 The Mind Robber (Part 4) October 5th, 1968
6x10 The Mind Robber (Part 5) October 12th, 1968
6x11 The Invasion (Part 1) November 2nd, 1968
6x12 The Invasion (Part 2) November 9th, 1968
6x13 The Invasion (Part 3) November 16th, 1968
6x14 The Invasion (Part 4) November 23rd, 1968
6x15 The Invasion (Part 5) November 30th, 1968
6x16 The Invasion (Part 6) December 7th, 1968
6x17 The Invasion (Part 7) December 14th, 1968
6x18 The Invasion (Part 8) December 21st, 1968
6x19 The Krotons (Part 1) December 28th, 1968
6x20 The Krotons (Part 2) January 4th, 1969
6x21 The Krotons (Part 3) January 11th, 1969
6x22 The Krotons (Part 4) January 18th, 1969
6x23 The Seeds of Death (Part 1) January 25th, 1969
6x24 The Seeds of Death (Part 2) February 1st, 1969
6x25 The Seeds of Death (Part 3) February 8th, 1969
6x26 The Seeds of Death (Part 4) February 15th, 1969
6x27 The Seeds of Death (Part 5) February 22nd, 1969
6x28 The Seeds of Death (Part 6) March 1st, 1969
6x29 The Space Pirates (Part 1) March 8th, 1969
6x30 The Space Pirates (Part 2) March 15th, 1969
6x31 The Space Pirates (Part 3) March 22nd, 1969
6x32 The Space Pirates (Part 4) March 29th, 1969
6x33 The Space Pirates (Part 5) April 5th, 1969
6x34 The Space Pirates (Part 6) April 12th, 1969
6x35 The War Games (Part 1) April 19th, 1969
6x36 The War Games (Part 2) April 26th, 1969
6x37 The War Games (Part 3) May 3rd, 1969
6x38 The War Games (Part 4) May 10th, 1969
6x39 The War Games (Part 5) May 17th, 1969
6x40 The War Games (Part 6) May 24th, 1969
6x41 The War Games (Part 7) June 1st, 1969
6x42 The War Games (Part 8) June 8th, 1969
6x43 The War Games (Part 9) June 15th, 1969
6x44 The War Games (Part 10) June 22nd, 1969

Series Seven Edit

Episode Title Airdate
7x1 Spearhead from Space (Part 1) January 3rd, 1970
7x2 Spearhead from Space (Part 2) January 10th, 1970
7x3 Spearhead from Space (Part 3) January 17th, 1970
7x4 Spearhead from Space (Part 4) January 24th, 1970
7x5 Doctor Who and the Silurians (Part 1) January 31st, 1970
7x6 Doctor Who and the Silurians (Part 2) February 7th, 1970
7x7 Doctor Who and the Silurians (Part 3) February 14th, 1970
7x8 Doctor Who and the Silurians (Part 4) February 21st, 1970
7x9 Doctor Who and the Silurians (Part 5) February 28th, 1970
7x10 Doctor Who and the Silurians (Part 6) March 7th, 1970
7x11 Doctor Who and the Silurians (Part 7) March 14th, 1970
7x12 The Ambassadors of Death (Part 1) March 21st, 1970
7x13 The Ambassadors of Death (Part 2) March 28th, 1970
7x14 The Ambassadors of Death (Part 3) April 4th, 1970
7x15 The Ambassadors of Death (Part 4) April 11th, 1970
7x16 The Ambassadors of Death (Part 5) April 18th, 1970
7x17 The Ambassadors of Death (Part 6) April 25th, 1970
7x18 The Ambassadors of Death (Part 7) May 2nd, 1970
7x19 Inferno (Part 1) May 9th, 1970
7x20 Inferno (Part 2) May 16th, 1970
7x21 Inferno (Part 3) May 23rd, 1970
7x22 Inferno (Part 4) May 30th, 1970
7x23 Inferno (Part 5) June 6th, 1970
7x24 Inferno (Part 6) June 13th, 1970
7x25 Inferno (Part 7) June 20th, 1970

Series Eight Edit

Episode Title Airdate
8x01 Terror of the Autons (Part 1) January 2nd, 1971
8x02 Terror of the Autons (Part 2) January 9th, 1971
8x03 Terror of the Autons (Part 3) January 16th, 1971
8x04 Terror of the Autons (Part 4) January 23rd, 1971
8x05 The Mind of Evil (Part 1) January 30th, 1971
8x06 The Mind of Evil (Part 2) February 6th, 1971
8x07 The Mind of Evil (Part 3) February 13th, 1971
8x08 The Mind of Evil (Part 4) February 20th, 1971
8x09 The Mind of Evil (Part 5) February 27th, 1971
8x10 The Mind of Evil (Part 6) March 6th, 1971
8x11 The Claws of Axos (Part 1) March 13th, 1971
8x12 The Claws of Axos (Part 2) March 20th, 1971
8x13 The Claws of Axos (Part 3) March 27th, 1971
8x14 The Claws of Axos (Part 4) April 3rd, 1971
8x15 Colony in Space (Part 1) April 10th, 1971
8x16 Colony in Space (Part 2) April 17th, 1971
8x17 Colony in Space (Part 3) April 24th, 1971
8x18 Colony in Space (Part 4) May 1st, 1971
8x19 Colony in Space (Part 5) May 8th, 1971
8x20 Colony in Space (Part 6) May 15th, 1971
8x21 The Daemons (Part 1) May 22nd, 1971
8x22 The Daemons (Part 2) May 29th, 1971
8x23 The Daemons (Part 3) June 5th, 1971
8x24 The Daemons (Part 4) June 12th, 1971
8x25 The Daemons (Part 5) June 19th, 1971

Series Nine Edit

Episode Title Airdate
9x1 Day of the Daleks (Part 1) January 1st, 1972
9x2 Day of the Daleks (Part 2) January 8th, 1972
9x3 Day of the Daleks (Part 3) January 15th, 1972
9x4 Day of the Daleks (Part 4) January 22nd, 1972
9x5 The Curse of Peladon (Part 1) January 29th, 1972
9x6 The Curse of Peladon (Part 2) February 5th, 1972
9x7 The Curse of Peladon (Part 3) February 12th, 1972
9x8 The Curse of Peladon (Part 4) February 19th, 1972
9x9 The Sea Devils (Part 1) February 26th, 1972
9x10 The Sea Devils (Part 2) March 4th, 1972
9x11 The Sea Devils (Part 3) March 11th, 1972
9x12 The Sea Devils (Part 4) March 18th, 1972
9x13 The Sea Devils (Part 5) March 25th, 1972
9x14 The Sea Devils (Part 6) April 1st, 1972
9x15 The Mutants (Part 1) April 8th, 1972
9x16 The Mutants (Part 2) April 15th, 1972
9x17 The Mutants (Part 3) April 22nd, 1972
9x18 The Mutants (Part 4) April 29th, 1972
9x19 The Mutants (Part 5) May 6th, 1972
9x20 The Mutants (Part 6) May 13th, 1972
9x21 The Time Monster (Part 1) May 20th, 1972
9x22 The Time Monster (Part 2) May 27th, 1972
9x23 The Time Monster (Part 3) June 3rd, 1972
9x24 The Time Monster (Part 4) June 10th, 1972
9x25 The Time Monster (Part 5) June 17th, 1972
9x26 The Time Monster (Part 6) June 24th, 1972

Series Ten Edit

Episode Title Airdate
10x1 The Three Doctors (Part 1) December 30th, 1972
10x2 The Three Doctors (Part 2) January 6th, 1973
10x3 The Three Doctors (Part 3) January 13th, 1973
10x4 The Three Doctors (Part 4) January 20th, 1973
10x5 Carnival of Monsters (Part 1) January 27th, 1973
10x6 Carnival of Monsters (Part 2) February 3rd, 1973
10x7 Carnival of Monsters (Part 3) February 10th, 1973
10x8 Carnival of Monsters (Part 4) February 17th, 1973
10x9 Frontier in Space (Part 1) February 24th, 1973
10x10 Frontier in Space (Part 2) March 3rd, 1973
10x11 Frontier in Space (Part 3) March 10th, 1973
10x12 Frontier in Space (Part 4) March 17th, 1973
10x13 Frontier in Space (Part 5) March 24th, 1973
10x14 Frontier in Space (Part 6) March 31st, 1973
10x15 Planet of the Daleks (Part 1) April 7th, 1973
10x16 Planet of the Daleks (Part 2) April 14th, 1973
10x17 Planet of the Daleks (Part 3) April 21st, 1973
10x18 Planet of the Daleks (Part 4) April 28th, 1973
10x19 Planet of the Daleks (Part 5) May 5th, 1973
10x20 Planet of the Daleks (Part 6) May 12th, 1973
10x21 The Green Death (Part 1) May 19th, 1973
10x22 The Green Death (Part 2) May 26th, 1973
10x23 The Green Death (Part 3) June 2nd, 1973
10x24 The Green Death (Part 4) June 9th, 1973
10x25 The Green Death (Part 5) June 16th, 1973
10x26 The Green Death (Part 6) June 23rd, 1973

Series Eleven Edit

Episode Title Airdate
11x1 The Time Warrior (Part 1) December 15th, 1973
11x2 The Time Warrior (Part 2) December 22nd, 1973
11x3 The Time Warrior (Part 3) December 29th, 1973
11x4 The Time Warrior (Part 4) January 5th, 1974
11x5 Invasion of the Dinosaurs (Part 1) January 12th, 1974
11x6 Invasion of the Dinosaurs (Part 2) January 19th, 1974
11x7 Invasion of the Dinosaurs (Part 3) January 26th, 1974
11x8 Invasion of the Dinosaurs (Part 4) February 2nd, 1974
11x9 Invasion of the Dinosaurs (Part 5) February 9th, 1974
11x10 Invasion of the Dinosaurs (Part 6) February 16th, 1974
11x11 Death to the Daleks (Part 1) February 23rd, 1974
11x12 Death to the Daleks (Part 2) March 2nd, 1974
11x13 Death to the Daleks (Part 3) March 9th, 1974
11x14 Death to the Daleks (Part 4) March 16th, 1974
11x15 The Monster of Peladon (Part 1) March 23rd, 1974
11x16 The Monster of Peladon (Part 2) March 30th, 1974
11x17 The Monster of Peladon (Part 3) April 6th, 1974
11x18 The Monster of Peladon (Part 4) April 13th, 1974
11x19 The Monster of Peladon (Part 5) April 20th, 1974
11x20 The Monster of Peladon (Part 6) April 27th, 1974
11x21 Planet of the Spiders (Part 1) May 4th, 1974
11x22 Planet of the Spiders (Part 2) May 11th, 1974
11x23 Planet of the Spiders (Part 3) May 18th, 1974
11x24 Planet of the Spiders (Part 4) May 25th, 1974
11x25 Planet of the Spiders (Part 5) June 1st, 1974
11x26 Planet of the Spiders (Part 6) June 8th, 1974

Series Twelve Edit

Episode Title Airdate
12x1 Robot (Part 1) December 28th, 1974
12x2 Robot (Part 2) January 4th, 1975
12x3 Robot (Part 3) January 11th, 1975
12x4 Robot (Part 4) January 18th, 1975
12x5 The Ark in Space (Part 1) January 25th, 1975
12x6 The Ark in Space (Part 2) February 1st, 1975
12x7 The Ark in Space (Part 3) February 8th, 1975
12x8 The Ark in Space (Part 4) February 15th, 1975
12x9 The Sontaran Experiment (Part 1) February 22nd, 1975
12x10 The Sontaran Experiment (Part 2) March 1st, 1975
12x11 Genesis of the Daleks (Part 1) March 8th, 1975
12x12 Genesis of the Daleks (Part 2) March 15th, 1975
12x13 Genesis of the Daleks (Part 3) March 22nd, 1975
12x14 Genesis of the Daleks (Part 4) March 29th, 1975
12x15 Genesis of the Daleks (Part 5) April 5th, 1975
12x16 Genesis of the Daleks (Part 6) April 12th, 1975
12x17 Revenge of the Cybermen (Part 1) April 19th, 1975
12x18 Revenge of the Cybermen (Part 2) April 26th, 1975
12x19 Revenge of the Cybermen (Part 3) May 3rd, 1975
12x20 Revenge of the Cybermen (Part 4) May 10th, 1975

Series Thirteen Edit

Episode Title Airdate
13x1 Terror of the Zygons (Part 1) August 30th, 1975
13x2 Terror of the Zygons (Part 2) September 6th, 1975
13x3 Terror of the Zygons (Part 3) September 13th, 1975
13x4 Terror of the Zygons (Part 4) September 20th, 1975
13x5 Planet of Evil (Part 1) September 27th, 1975
13x6 Planet of Evil (Part 2) October 4th, 1975
13x7 Planet of Evil (Part 3) October 11th, 1975
13x8 Planet of Evil (Part 4) October 18th, 1975
13x9 Pyramids of Mars (Part 1) October 25th, 1975
13x10 Pyramids of Mars (Part 2) November 1st, 1975
13x11 Pyramids of Mars (Part 3) November 8th, 1975
13x12 Pyramids of Mars (Part 4) November 15th, 1975
13x13 The Android Invasion (Part 1) November 22nd, 1975
13x14 The Android Invasion (Part 2) November 29th, 1975
13x15 The Android Invasion (Part 3) December 6th, 1975
13x16 The Android Invasion (Part 4) December 13th, 1975
13x17 The Brain of Morbius (Part 1) January 3rd, 1976
13x18 The Brain of Morbius (Part 2) January 10th, 1976
13x19 The Brain of Morbius (Part 3) January 17th, 1976
13x20 The Brain of Morbius (Part 4) January 24th, 1976
13x21 The Seeds of Doom (Part 1) January 31st, 1976
13x22 The Seeds of Doom (Part 2) February 7th, 1976
13x23 The Seeds of Doom (Part 3) February 14th, 1976
13x24 The Seeds of Doom (Part 4) February 21st, 1976
13x25 The Seeds of Doom (Part 5) February 28th, 1976
13x26 The Seeds of Doom (Part 6) March 6th, 1976

Series Fourteen Edit

Episode Title Airdate
14x1 The Masque of Mandragora (Part 1) September 4th, 1976
14x2 The Masque of Mandragora (Part 2) September 11th, 1976
14x3 The Masque of Mandragora (Part 3) September 18th, 1976
14x4 The Masque of Mandragora (Part 4) September 25th, 1976
14x5 The Hand of Fear (Part 1) October 2nd, 1976
14x6 The Hand of Fear (Part 2) October 9th, 1976
14x7 The Hand of Fear (Part 3) October 16th, 1976
14x8 The Hand of Fear (Part 4) October 23rd, 1976
14x9 The Deadly Assassin (Part 1) October 30th, 1976
14x10 The Deadly Assassin (Part 1) November 6th, 1976
14x11 The Deadly Assassin (Part 2) November 13th, 1976
14x12 The Deadly Assassin (Part 3) November 20th, 1976
14x13 The Face of Evil (Part 1) January 1st, 1977
14x14 The Face of Evil (Part 2) January 8th, 1977
14x15 The Face of Evil (Part 3) January 15th, 1977
14x16 The Face of Evil (Part 4) January 22nd, 1977
14x17 The Robots of Death (Part 1) January 29th, 1977
14x18 The Robots of Death (Part 1) February 5th, 1977
14x19 The Robots of Death (Part 1) February 12th, 1977
14x20 The Robots of Death (Part 1) February 19th, 1977
14x21 The Talons of Weng-Chiang (Part 1) February 26th, 1977
14x22 The Talons of Weng-Chiang (Part 2) March 5th, 1977
14x23 The Talons of Weng-Chiang (Part 3) March 12th, 1977
14x24 The Talons of Weng-Chiang (Part 4) March 19th, 1977
14x25 The Talons of Weng-Chiang (Part 5) March 26th, 1977
14x26 The Talons of Weng-Chiang (Part 6) April 2nd, 1977

Series Fifteen Edit

Episode Title Airdate
15x1 Horror of Fang Rock (Part 1) September 3rd, 1977
15x2 Horror of Fang Rock (Part 2) September 10th, 1977
15x3 Horror of Fang Rock (Part 3) September 17th, 1977
15x4 Horror of Fang Rock (Part 4) September 24th, 1977
15x5 The Invisible Enemy (Part 1) October 1st, 1977
15x6 The Invisible Enemy (Part 2) October 8th, 1977
15x7 The Invisible Enemy (Part 3) October 15th, 1977
15x8 The Invisible Enemy (Part 4) October 22nd, 1977
15x9 Image of the Fendahl (Part 1) October 29th, 1977
15x10 Image of the Fendahl (Part 2) November 5th, 1977
15x11 Image of the Fendahl (Part 3) November 12th, 1977
15x12 Image of the Fendahl (Part 4) November 19th, 1977
15x13 The Sun Makers (Part 1) November 26th, 1977
15x14 The Sun Makers (Part 2) December 3rd, 1977
15x15 The Sun Makers (Part 3) December 10th, 1977
15x16 The Sun Makers (Part 4) December 17th, 1977
15x17 Underworld (Part 1) January 7th, 1978
15x18 Underworld (Part 2) January 14th, 1978
15x19 Underworld (Part 3) January 21st, 1978
15x20 Underworld (Part 4) January 28th, 1978
15x21 The Invasion of Time (Part 1) February 4th, 1978
15x22 The Invasion of Time (Part 2) February 11th, 1978
15x23 The Invasion of Time (Part 3) February 18th, 1978
15x24 The Invasion of Time (Part 4) February 25th, 1978
15x25 The Invasion of Time (Part 5) March 4th, 1978
15x26 The Invasion of Time (Part 6) March 11th, 1978

Series Sixteen Edit

Episode Title Airdate
16x1 The Ribos Operation (Part 1) September 2nd, 1978
16x2 The Ribos Operation (Part 2) September 9th, 1978
16x3 The Ribos Operation (Part 3) September 16th, 1978
16x4 The Ribos Operation (Part 4) September 23rd, 1978
16x5 The Pirate Planet (Part 1) September 30th, 1978
16x6 The Pirate Planet (Part 2) October 7th, 1978
16x7 The Pirate Planet (Part 3) October 14th, 1978
16x8 The Pirate Planet (Part 4) October 21st, 1978
16x9 The Stones of Blood (Part 1) October 28th, 1978
16x10 The Stones of Blood (Part 2) November 4th, 1978
16x11 The Stones of Blood (Part 3) November 11th, 1978
16x12 The Stones of Blood (Part 4) November 18th, 1978
16x13 The Androids of Tara (Part 1) November 25th, 1978
16x14 The Androids of Tara (Part 2) December 2nd, 1978
16x15 The Androids of Tara (Part 3) December 9th, 1978
16x16 The Androids of Tara (Part 4) December 16th, 1978
16x17 The Power of Kroll (Part 1) December 23rd, 1978
16x18 The Power of Kroll (Part 2) December 30th, 1978
16x19 The Power of Kroll (Part 3) January 6th, 1979
16x20 The Power of Kroll (Part 4) January 13th, 1979
16x21 The Armageddon Factor (Part 1) January 20th, 1979
16x22 The Armageddon Factor (Part 2) January 27th, 1979
16x23 The Armageddon Factor (Part 3) February 3rd, 1979
16x24 The Armageddon Factor (Part 4) February 10th, 1979
16x25 The Armageddon Factor (Part 5) February 17th, 1979
16x26 The Armageddon Factor (Part 6) February 24th, 1979

Series Seventeen Edit

Episode Title Airdate
17x1 Destiny of the Daleks (Part 1) September 1st, 1979
17x2 Destiny of the Daleks (Part 2) September 8th, 1979
17x3 Destiny of the Daleks (Part 3) September 15th, 1979
17x4 Destiny of the Daleks (Part 4) September 22nd, 1979
17x5 City of Death (Part 1) September 29th, 1979
17x6 City of Death (Part 2) October 6th, 1979
17x7 City of Death (Part 3) October 13th, 1979
17x8 City of Death (Part 4) October 20th, 1979
17x9 The Creature from the Pit (Part 1) October 27th, 1979
17x10 The Creature from the Pit (Part 2) November 3rd, 1979
17x11 The Creature from the Pit (Part 3) November 10th, 1979
17x12 The Creature from the Pit (Part 4) November 17th, 1979
17x13 Nightmare of Eden (Part1) November 24th, 1979
17x14 Nightmare of Eden (Part2) December 1st, 1979
17x15 Nightmare of Eden (Part3) December 8th, 1979
17x16 Nightmare of Eden (Part4) December 15th, 1979
17x17 The Horns of Nimon (Part 1) December 22nd, 1979
17x18 The Horns of Nimon (Part 2) December 29th, 1979
17x19 The Horns of Nimon (Part 3) January 5th, 1980
17x20 The Horns of Nimon (Part 4) January 12th, 1980

Series Eighteen Edit

Episode Title Airdate
18x1 The Leisure Hive (Part 1) August 30th, 1980
18x2 The Leisure Hive (Part 2) August 30th, 1980
18x3 The Leisure Hive (Part 3) August 30th, 1980
18x4 The Leisure Hive (Part 4) August 30th, 1980
18x5 Meglos (Part 1) September 27th, 1980
18x6 Meglos (Part 2) October 4th, 1980
18x7 Meglos (Part 3) October 11th, 1980
18x8 Meglos (Part 4) October 18th, 1980
18x9 Full Circle (Part 1) October 25th, 1980
18x10 Full Circle (Part 2) November 1st, 1980
18x11 Full Circle (Part 3) November 8th, 1980
18x12 Full Circle (Part 4) November 15th, 1980
18x13 State of Decay (Part 1) November 22nd, 1980
18x14 State of Decay (Part 2) November 29th, 1980
18x15 State of Decay (Part 3) December 6th, 1980
18x16 State of Decay (Part 4) December 13th, 1980
18x17 Warriors' Gate (Part 1) January 3rd, 1981
18x18 Warriors' Gate (Part 2) January 10th, 1981
18x19 Warriors' Gate (Part 3) January 17th, 1981
18x20 Warriors' Gate (Part 4) January 24th, 1981
18x21 The Keeper of Traken (Part 1) January 31st, 1981
18x22 The Keeper of Traken (Part 2) February 7th, 1981
18x23 The Keeper of Traken (Part 3) February 14th, 1981
18x24 The Keeper of Traken (Part 4) February 21st, 1981
18x25 Logopolis (Part 1) February 28th, 1981
18x26 Logopolis (Part 2) March 7th, 1981
18x27 Logopolis (Part 3) March 14th, 1981
18x28 Logopolis (Part 4) March 21st, 1981

Series Nineteen Edit

Episode Title Airdate
19x1 Castrovalva (Part 1) January 4th, 1982
19x2 Castrovalva (Part 2) January 5th, 1982
19x3 Castrovalva (Part 3) January 11th, 1982
19x4 Castrovalva (Part 4) January 12th, 1982
19x5 Four to Doomsday (Part 1) January 18th, 1982
19x6 Four to Doomsday (Part 2) January 19th, 1982
19x7 Four to Doomsday (Part 3) January 25th, 1982
19x8 Four to Doomsday (Part 4) January 26th, 1982
19x9 Kinda (Part 1) February 1st, 1982
19x10 Kinda (Part 2) February 2nd, 1982
19x11 Kinda (Part 3) February 8th, 1982
19x12 Kinda (Part 4) February 9th, 1982
19x13 The Visitation (Part 1) February 15th, 1982
19x14 The Visitation (Part 2) February 16th, 1982
19x15 The Visitation (Part 3) February 22nd, 1982
19x16 The Visitation (Part 4) February 23rd, 1982
19x17 Black Orchid (Part 1) March 1st, 1982
19x18 Black Orchid (Part 2) March 2nd, 1982
19x19 Earthshock (Part 1) March 8th, 1982
19x20 Earthshock (Part 2) March 9th, 1982
19x21 Earthshock (Part 3) March 15th, 1982
19x22 Earthshock (Part 4) March 16th, 1982
19x23 Time-Flight (Part 1) March 22nd, 1982
19x24 Time-Flight (Part 2) March 23rd, 1982
19x25 Time-Flight (Part 3) March 29th, 1982
19x26 Time-Flight (Part 4) March 30th, 1982

Series Twenty Edit

Episode Title Airdate
20x1 Arc of Infinity (Part 1) January 3rd, 1983
20x2 Arc of Infinity (Part 2) January 4th, 1983
20x3 Arc of Infinity (Part 3) January 11th, 1983
20x4 Arc of Infinity (Part 4) January 12th, 1983
20x5 Snakedance (Part 1) January 18th, 1983
20x6 Snakedance (Part 2) January 19th, 1983
20x7 Snakedance (Part 3) January 25th, 1983
20x8 Snakedance (Part 4) January 26th, 1983
20x9 Mawdryn Undead (Part 1) February 1st, 1983
20x10 Mawdryn Undead (Part 2) February 2nd, 1983
20x11 Mawdryn Undead (Part 3) February 8th, 1983
20x12 Mawdryn Undead (Part 4) February 9th, 1983
20x13 Terminus (Part 1) February 15th, 1983
20x14 Terminus (Part 2) February 16th, 1983
20x15 Terminus (Part 3) February 22nd, 1983
20x16 Terminus (Part 4) February 23rd, 1983
20x17 Enlightenment (Part 1) March 1st, 1983
20x18 Enlightenment (Part 2) March 2nd, 1983
20x19 Enlightenment (Part 3) March 8th, 1983
20x20 Enlightenment (Part 4) March 9th, 1983
20x21 The Kings Demons (Part 1) March 15th, 1983
20x22 The Kings Demons (Part 2) March 16th, 1983
20x23 The Five Doctors November 23rd, 1983

Series Twenty-One Edit

Episode Title Airdate
21x1 Warriors of the Deep (Part 1) January 5th, 1984
21x2 Warriors of the Deep (Part 2) January 6th, 1984
21x3 Warriors of the Deep (Part 3) January 12th, 1984
21x4 Warriors of the Deep (Part 4) January 13th, 1984
21x5 The Awakening (Part 1) January 19th, 1984
21x6 The Awakening (Part 2) January 20th, 1984
21x7 Frontios (Part 1) January 26th, 1984
21x8 Frontios (Part 1) January 27th, 1984
21x9 Frontios (Part 1) February 2nd, 1984
21x10 Frontios (Part 1) February 3rd, 1984
21x11 Resurrection of the Daleks (Part 1) February 8th, 1984
21x12 Resurrection of the Daleks (Part 2) February 15th, 1984
21x13 Planet of Fire (Part 1) February 23rd, 1984
21x14 Planet of Fire (Part 2) February 24th, 1984
21x15 Planet of Fire (Part 3) March 1st, 1984
21x16 Planet of Fire (Part 4) March 2nd, 1984
21x17 The Caves of Androzani (Part 1) March 8th, 1984
21x18 The Caves of Androzani (Part 2) March 9th, 1984
21x19 The Caves of Androzani (Part 3) March 15th, 1984
21x20 The Caves of Androzani (Part 4) March 16th, 1984
21x21 The Twin Dilemma (Part 1) March 22nd, 1984
21x22 The Twin Dilemma (Part 1) March 23rd, 1984
21x23 The Twin Dilemma (Part 1) March 29th, 1984
21x24 The Twin Dilemma (Part 1) March 30th, 1984

Series Twenty-Two Edit

Episode Title Airdate
22x1 Attack of the Cybermen (Part 1) January 5th, 1985
22x2 Attack of the Cybermen (Part 2) January 12th, 1985
22x3 Vengeance on Varos (Part 1) January 19th, 1985
22x4 Vengeance on Varos (Part 2) January 26th, 1985
22x5 The Mark of the Rani (Part 1) February 2nd, 1985
22x6 The Mark of the Rani (Part 2) February 9th, 1985
22x7 The Two Doctors (Part 1) February 16th, 1985
22x8 The Two Doctors (Part 2) February 23rd, 1985
22x9 The Two Doctors (Part 3) March 2nd, 1985
22x10 Timelash (Part 1) March 9th, 1985
22x11 Timelash (Part 2) March 16th, 1985
22x12 Revelation of the Daleks (Part 1) March 23rd, 1985
22x13 Revelation of the Daleks (Part 2) March 30th, 1985

Series Twenty-Three Edit

Episode Title Airdate
23x01 The Trial of a Time Lord (Part 1) September 6th, 1986
23x02 The Trial of a Time Lord (Part 2) September 13th, 1986
23x03 The Trial of a Time Lord (Part 3) September 20th, 1986
23x04 The Trial of a Time Lord (Part 4) September 27th, 1986
23x05 The Trial of a Time Lord (Part 5) October 4th, 1986
23x06 The Trial of a Time Lord (Part 6) October 11th, 1986
23x07 The Trial of a Time Lord (Part 7) October 18th, 1986
23x08 The Trial of a Time Lord (Part 8) October 25th, 1986
23x09 The Trial of a Time Lord (Part 9) November 1st, 1986
23x10 The Trial of a Time Lord (Part 10) November 8th, 1986
23x11 The Trial of a Time Lord (Part 11) November 15th, 1986
23x12 The Trial of a Time Lord (Part 12) November 22nd, 1986
23x13 The Trial of a Time Lord (Part 13) November 29th, 1986
23x14 The Trial of a Time Lord (Part 14) December 6th, 1986

Series Twenty-Four Edit

Episode Title Airdate
24x1 Time and the Rani (Part 1) September 7th, 1987
24x2 Time and the Rani (Part 2) September 14th, 1987
24x3 Time and the Rani (Part 3) September 21st, 1987
24x4 Time and the Rani (Part 4) September 28th, 1987
24x5 Paradise Towers (Part 1) October 5th, 1987
24x6 Paradise Towers (Part 2) October 12th, 1987
24x7 Paradise Towers (Part 3) October 19th, 1987
24x8 Paradise Towers (Part 4) October 26th, 1987
24x9 Delta and the Bannermen (Part 1) November 2nd, 1987
24x10 Delta and the Bannermen (Part 2) November 9th, 1987
24x11 Delta and the Bannermen (Part 3) November 16th, 1987
24x12 Dragonfire (Part 1) November 23rd, 1987
24x13 Dragonfire (Part 2) November 30th, 1987
24x14 Dragonfire (Part 3) December 7th, 1987

Series Twenty-Five Edit

Episode Title Airdate
25x1 Remembrance of the Daleks (Part 1) October 5th, 1988
25x2 Remembrance of the Daleks (Part 2) October 12th, 1988
25x3 Remembrance of the Daleks (Part 3) October 19th, 1988
25x4 Remembrance of the Daleks (Part 4) October 26th, 1988
25x5 The Happiness Patrol (Part 1) November 2nd, 1988
25x6 The Happiness Patrol (Part 2) November 9th, 1988
25x7 The Happiness Patrol (Part 3) November 16th, 1988
25x8 Silver Nemesis (Part 1) November 23rd, 1988
25x9 Silver Nemesis (Part 2) November 30th, 1988
25x10 Silver Nemesis (Part 3) December 7th, 1988
25x11 The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (Part 1) December 14th, 1988
25x12 The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (Part 2) December 21st, 1988
25x13 The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (Part 3) December 28th, 1988
25x14 The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (Part 4) January 4th, 1989

Series Twenty-Six Edit

Episode Title Airdate
26x1 Battlefield (Part 1) September 6th, 1989
26x2 Battlefield (Part 2) September 13th, 1989
26x3 Battlefield (Part 3) September 20th, 1989
26x4 Battlefield (Part 4) September 27th, 1989
26x5 Ghost Light (Part 1) October 4th, 1989
26x6 Ghost Light (Part 2) October 11th, 1989
26x7 Ghost Light (Part 3) October 18th, 1989
26x8 The Curse of Fenric (Part 1) October 25th, 1989
26x9 The Curse of Fenric (Part 2) November 1st, 1989
26x10 The Curse of Fenric (Part 3) November 8th, 1989
26x11 The Curse of Fenric (Part 4) November 15th, 1989
26x12 Survival (Part 1) November 22nd, 1989
26x13 Survival (Part 2) November 29th, 1989
26x14 Survival (Part 3) December 6th, 1989

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King Kong Escapes Edit

Doctor Who - King Kong Escapes

Doctor Who is a fictional antagonist featured in the 1967 giant monster ("daikaiju") film King Kong Escapes. Played by actor Eisei Amamoto, he was presented as an evil criminal mastermind of Asian descent.

Doctor Who and his team of black-garbed henchmen sought the ever-elusive Element X - an ultra-rare mineral that could tip the scales of the Cold War due to its applications in nuclear processes. More a capitalist than a would-be conqueror, Doctor Who was more than content to sell any Element X he acquired to any nation willing to pay his prices. His client was a mysterious woman who called herself Madame Piranha.

The only place Doctor Who could mine for Element X was in the North Pole, but the frozen cliffs were too hard for any of his drilling equipment to penetrate. To alleviate this concern, Doctor Who created a giant robot gorilla called Mechanikong, which was based on designs that he had stolen from the American military officer Commander Carl Nelson. The mechanikong was based on the likeness on an actual sixty-foot gorilla known as Kingukongu, or "King Kong".

When his robot Kong failed to tunnel through the mountainside, Doctor Who set out to acquire the actual King Kong as a replacement. His team and he took a helicopter to Mondo Island where they used knockout gas to capture Kong. He fitted him with a transmission earpiece that forced Kong to obey his commands, and put him to work, carving out the mountain caverns for Element X. The earpiece became damaged however, and Kong was free of Doctor Who's control. Now that he had lost control of Kong, he knew he had to put him down, so he re-activated mechanikong to fight him. The two simian titans squared off against one another on Tokyo Tower in Japan.

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