Doctor Karbunkle
Aliases Dr. Karbunkle
Continuity Biker Mice from Mars
Category Antagonist
Type Scientist
Race Human
Gender Male
Base of Operations Chicago, Illinois
Known relatives None
Status Alive
Born Unknown
Died N/A
First Appearance Biker Mice from Mars: Rock and Ride!
Played by Susan Silo

Doctor Karbunkle is a character featured in the Biker Mice from Mars television series and comic books. Karbunkle is portrayed as the atypical "mad scientist" with a lanky physique, a rumpled lab coat, and goggles. A conniving sycophant, Karbunkle was in the employ of an alien crime lord known as Lawrence Limburger. It is unclear exactly when Karbunkle came into Limburger's employ, but it is known that he served under him during the Plutarkian occupation of Mars.

When Limburger set up shop in Chicago, Illinois, Karbunkle accompanied him. Working within a private lab in Limburger's high-rise office complex, he continually conducted macabre experiments in his ongoing effort to create the perfect soldier. One such soldier was the X-Terminator whom he sent out to fight with Limburger's most notorious enemies, the Biker Mice from Mars. [1]

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