"Wheel of Fortune"
Series The Dead Zone
Season 1, Episode 1
Dead Zone 1x01 002
Air date June 16th, 2002
Writers Michael Piller; Shawn Piller
Director Robert Lieberman
Producers Michael Piller; Robert Petrovicz; Michael Taylor
Starring Anthony Michael Hall; Nicole de Boer; Chris Bruno; John L. Adams
Episode guide
"What It Seems"

Synopsis Edit

Cast Edit

Principal Cast Edit

Actor Role
Anthony Michael Hall Johnny Smith
Nicole de Boer Sarah Bracknell Bannerman
Chris Bruno Sheriff Walt Bannerman
John L. Adams Bruce Lewis

Guest Stars Edit

Actor Role
Rick Tae Doctor Tran
Anna Hagan Vera Smith
Gina Chiarelli Nurse Elaine MacGowan
Michael Rogers Frank Dodd
David Ogden Stiers Reverend Purdy
Emily Holmes Allison Connover
John Hainsworth Barker #1
Campbell Lane Barker #2
Justin Stillwell Boy student
Kenya Jo Kennedy Child in bedroom
Nicole LaPlaca Girl student #1
Mercedes de la Zerda Girl student #2
Chris Kelly Hockey coach
Michael St. John Smith Mike Kennedy
Liliane Lee Mother Tran
Diana Ha Old mother Tran
Bryce Hodgson Player #1
Alvin Sanders Principal
Dominic Louis Sarah's son
Evan Smith 6-year-old Johnny
Victoria Billingsley 6-year-old Sarah
Nicholas Lee 3-year-old Doctor Tran
Donald Fong Uncle Tran
Ed Chow Younger Uncle Tran
Jesse Ventura Himself

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • This episode is available on the Dead Zone: The Complete Series DVD collection as well as disc one of the Dead Zone: The Complete First Season DVD collection.

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