Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are David.

Variations include Dave.

The Walking Dead Edit

David was a Caucasian male in his apparent thirties living in the U.S. state of Virginia. David became a member of a militant survival group called the Saviors, who ran a protection racket with the surrounding communities. Gary was often part of an armed convoy that would visit the communities on scheduled visits to collect their "tribute", which consisted of everything from food to weapons to supplies. He was often seen in the company of Laura and Gary. During the Saviors' first visit to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, David raided the infirmary, but was caught by Carl Grimes, who held him at gunpoint. Through the pleading of Carl's father, Rick Grimes, as well as the enforcement of Negan, Carl was made to lower his weapon. David later taunted another young resident named Enid, taking her balloons, and refusing to return them until she said "please" in a manner to his liking. On the Saviors' second visit to Alexandria, David and Gary intercepted Rick and Aaron and inspected the goods they had procured. They found a note, which they mistakenly believed was meant as a sign of disrespect, so they beat Aaron up as a form of punishment. David was present outside the gates of the Sanctuary when Eugene Porter was first brought into captivity. When the Saviors captured Sasha Williams, David came to her cell. She asked for a cup of water. David agreed to do this, but in return, he wanted her perform sexual favors for him. Sasha told him to "Go to Hell", but this did not deter him. He pulled violently on her shirt, ripping it. He then began undoing his belt buckle with the intent of raping her. Negan came into the cell at this point and stopped him. David apologized to Negan, but the leader did not accept his apology. Instead, he drove a large knife through the side of his throat, killing him. He left the corpse on the ground, as well as the knife, so that Sasha could decide for herself whether she wanted to prevent David from reanimating. She elected to plunge the knife through his forehead as he began to revive. (Walking Dead: Something They Need)


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Other characters Edit

Actors Edit

David Hasselhoff 002

Actor David Hasselhoff.

Production Crew Edit

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