Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Dave.

DC: New 52 Edit

Dave was a Coney Island muscle-head who was friends with a man named Dan. They came upon Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy sunning themselves on the beach and started hitting on them. Although Harley was loving all of the attention, Ivy could not be bothered. Despite this, they allowed the men to stay, and convinced them to massage their feet and give them pedicures. Dave was partially buried under the sand with a sand-castle woman body shaped around his head, giving him the appearance of a mermaid. When it was time to leave, Dave was left behind trapped in the sand. Harley's pet Dachshund urinated on Dave's face. (Harley Quinn Vol 2 7)

The Walking Dead Edit

Walking Dead 2x08 004

Dave is a fictional zombie holocaust survivor and a minor character on the AMC survival horror series The Walking Dead. Played by actor Michael Raymond-James, he appeared in the season two episode, "Nebraska". The character also made a brief appearance in the beginning of the following episode, "Triggerfinger". Dave was a member of a group consisting of Tony, Randall Culver and several others that discovered Glenn Rhee, Hershel Greene and Rick Grimes held out at a bar. Tony and Dave pushed for information about where the three men were held up and wanted to know the location of their farm though they refuse to give up anything. After Rick sarcastically tells Dave that he hears Nebraska is nice when Dave asks where they are going to go, he attempts to shoot Rick in the bar but is promptly shot in the head by Rick before he can fire.

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