Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Dan.

DC: New 52 Edit

Dan was a Coney Island muscle-head who was friends with a man named Dave. They came upon Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy sunning themselves on the beach and started hitting on them. Although Harley was loving all of the attention, Ivy could not be bothered. Despite this, they allowed the men to stay, and convinced them to massage their feet and give them pedicures. Afterward, Harley had Ivy used her pheromone control to make Dan follow them back to her apartment. Dan remained overnight as something of a fixture, but had a harrowing experience when two costumed assassins named Jerry and Karen burst into the room in an attempt to kill Harley. After Jerry was killed, their neighbor Big Tony came over and helped to zip him up in a body bag. Jerry's cell phone went off, prompting Harley to blast the body bag with a pump-action shotgun, which caused Dan to shriek like a little girl. (Harley Quinn Vol 2 7)

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