The Cremators
Cremators (1972)
Title: The Cremators
Directed by: Harry Essex
Written by: Harry Essex; Judy Ditky
Produced by: Harry Essex; Roger Corman; Jax Jason Carroll
Music by: Albert Glasser
Cinematography: Robert Caramico
Edited by: Robert Freeman
Distributed by: Arista Productions, Inc.
Released: 1972
Rating: PG
Running time: 75 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $50,000

The Cremators is a low-budget feature film of the science fiction genre. It was written and directed by Harry Essex based on a novella by Judy Ditky. Released theatrically in 1972, this film was alternatively titled as The Dune Rollers. The Cremators is a version of the 1952 episode of Tales of Tomorrow entitled "The Dune Roller". The plot of the film revolves around an extraterrestrial fireball that exists near a lake community. It hunts down those who threaten its "eggs", incinerating people and turning them into piles of ash.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Maria de Aragon Jeanne
Marvin Howard Doctor Iane Thorne
Eric Allison Doctor Willy Seppel
Mason Caulfield Mason, the hippie
Cecil Redick Medical examiner
Barney Bossick Merv
Al Ward Phil
R.N. Bullard Unknown
Tim Frawley Unknown
Jax Jason Carroll Unknown
Ola Kauffman Unknown
Chuck Hillig Unknown
Jim Ragan Unknown
David Essex Unknown

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The tagline for this film is, "From the Sun Come the Fire-People to Incinerate All Mankind!". Another tagline is, "Great balls of fire! Scorching! Ravaging! Engulfing!".
  • This is Harry Essex's fourth and final film as a director. He previously directed the 1953 film-noir movie I, the Jury, the 1955 crime drama Mad at the World and the 1971 horror movie Octaman.
  • There are several credited cast members featured in this film whose parts remain unknown.
  • Actor John Barnum is credited as Barney Bossick in this film.
  • Actor James Ragan is credited as Jim Ragan in this film.

External Links Edit

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