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Il Calamari was a costumed supervillain who operated out of Rome, Italy. In 1992, he attacked the Tariff Conference, which was an adjunct of the Pan-European Economic Conference. The Elongated Man (Ralph Dibny) learned of the attack and went to Rome. Il Calamari was assisted by Copperhead and Warp, but was still soundly defeated. (Elongated Man 2)

Carlos Valdez Edit

Catwoman Edit

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Catwoman is the name of two different characters. The first, and best known, is Selina Kyle, who was a costumed thief with a passion for felines. She has been a recurring foe of Batman, but as she is not a truly evil character, there are times that she has actually fought on the side of justice. She has also been associated with the Birds of Prey. The second Catwoman is Holly Robinson, who was a teenage confidante of Selina Kyle, who eventually became her partner and took on the alias of Catwoman.

Copperhead Edit

Czarnia Edit

Czarnia is a planet once populated by a race of pale-skinned humanoids known as Czarnians. The Czarnians were once a thriving culture until the day that a youth known as Lobo performed a high school science experiment that rendered the entire species extinct.

Czarnians Edit

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The Czarnians were a race of pale-skinned humanoids that originated on the planet Czarnia. They have also been known as Velorpians. The Czarnians were seemingly bent on universal domination. They were perpetually competing with, or at war with the Daemonites and Thanagarians. The Czarnians were once a thriving alien race until the day when a teenage Lobo performed a high school experiment which eradicated the entire species. Though Lobo is commonly referred to as the "Last Czarnian", some members of the race, such as his old history teacher Mrs. Tribb have in fact survived the genocide.

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