This page includes an ongoing list of comic book titles.
Note: Does not include trade paperback collection titles
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Avengers Vol 3 1

Cover to Avengers, Vol. 3 #1.

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Batman Vol 2 1A

Alternate cover to Batman, Vol. 2 #1.

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Captain America Vol 4 1

Cover to Captain America, Vol. 4 #1.

D Edit

Dawn 1

Cover to Dawn #1.

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Flash Vol 5 1A

Variant cover to Flash, Vol. 5 #1.

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Green Lantern Vol 4 1

Cover to Green Lantern, Vol. 4 #1.

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Justice League of America Vol 2 0A

Variant cover to Justice League of America, Volume 2 #0.

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Micronauts 1

The cover to Micronauts #1.

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Suicide Squad Vol 2 1

Cover to Suicide Squad, Vol. 2 *1.

Scream 2

Cover to Scream #2.

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Thor 600A

Cover to Thor #600.

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Witch 1

Cover to Witch #1.

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