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A clone is a biological duplicate of a living organism down to the genetic level. The cultivated organism is developed using macromolecular DNA that originates from the source. The science and study of clone structure is called cloning. The clone organism may be something as small as a strand of DNA, an organ, a limb and up to and including entire life forms such as people and animals. In many cases, clones are genetically modified so that they age at an accelerated rate. In other examples, clones may be created by mixing genetic material from what would otherwise be considered incompatible sources. Clones are a popular storytelling convention in science fiction and have been used in nearly all aspects of the medium.

In the 1961 BBC television series A for Andromeda, a supercomputer created a clone of a lab researcher named Christine and aged her to adulthood whereupon she adopted the name Andromeda.

In the Star Wars mythos, clones play a major part of the prequel trilogy which is often referred to as the "Clone Wars".

In the 1997 sci-fi/horror film Alien Resurrection, genetic material preserved from the late human Ellen Ripley was combined with that of an alien Xenomorph to create a humanoid with an alien's agility and predatory instincts.

On the Syfy series Defiance, the Omec known as Kindzi created a clone of Meh Yewll, which she used as prey to satisfy her need for hunting. This took place in episode 3x09, "Ostinato in White".

Characters Edit

Character Source
Alexander Isaacs Resident Evil
Alice Abernathy Resident Evil
Andromeda A for Andromeda
Anthony Rodriguez II DC Comics
Ava Sharpe DC Television Universe
Bill Schmitz DC Comics
Boba Fett Star Wars
Jim Harper II DC Universe
John Gabrielli II DC Comics
Joseph Dredd Judge Dredd
Kirk DePaul DC Universe
Laura Kinney Marvel Universe
Lex Luthor, Jr. DC Comics
Meh Yewll clone Defiance
Patrick MacGuire II DC Comics
Ripley 8 Alien: Resurrection
Tommy Thompkins II DC Comics
Walter Johnson II DC Comics

Appearances Edit