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Christopher Eccleston
Ninth Doctor 001
Vital statistics
Name Christopher Eccleston
Aliases None
Place of birth Salford, Lancashire, England
Gender Male
Date of birth February 16th, 1964
Date of death N/A
First appearance Doctor Who Episode: Rose

Christopher Eccleston is a British actor born in Salford, Lancashire, England on February 16th, 1964. He is best known for playing the Ninth Doctor in the 2005 revised Doctor Who television series. As the Doctor, Eccleston was preceded by Paul McGann, who played the Doctor in the 1996 televised Doctor Who movie. Succeeding Eccleston in the role was actor David Tennant. Eccleston appeared in all thirteen episodes of season one. In addition to playing Doctor Who, Eccleston played a character named Claude in five episodes of season one of Heroes. On the big screen, Eccleston played the antagonist Destro from the 2009 feature film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

Body of work Edit

Television Edit

Series Title Airdate
Doctor Who Rose March 26th, 2005
Doctor Who The End of the World April 2nd, 2005
Doctor Who The Unquiet Dead April 9th, 2005
Doctor Who Aliens of London April 16th, 2005
Doctor Who World War Three April 23rd, 2005
Doctor Who Dalek April 30th, 2005
Doctor Who The Long Game May 7th, 2005
Doctor Who Father's Day May 14th, 2005
Doctor Who The Empty Child May 21st, 2005
Doctor Who The Doctor Dances May 28th, 2005
Doctor Who Boom Town June 4th, 2005
Doctor Who Bad Wolf June 11th, 2005
Doctor Who The Parting of the Ways June 18th, 2005
Heroes Godsend January 22nd, 2007
Heroes The Fix January 29th, 2007
Heroes Distractions February 5th, 2007
Heroes Unexpected February 19th, 2007
Heroes Company Man February 26th, 2007

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Eccleston allegedly left Doctor Who after series one out of fear of being typecast. The BBC issued the announcement on Eccleston's behalf, but failed to consult with Eccleston on the statement and violated an agreement they had about disclosing information regarding the actor's choice to leave the series. [1]

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The Doctor
Preceded by Paul McGann
Succeeded by David Tennant
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