Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Charlie.

Isis Edit

Isis 2x02 014

Charlie is a minor character featured on the Saturday morning superhero/action series The Secrets of Isis. He was played by actor Barry Miller and appeared in the second episode of season two, "The Hitchhikers". Charlie was a teenage boy from Larkspur, California in the 1970s and was friends with another boy named Steve. Charlie picked up two girls who were hitchhiking named Hope and Joann. Charlie was reckless and went speeding down the highway in his car. He was pulled over by a police officer, but tore up the speeding ticket that he gave him. Continuing to speed through the canyon, he was unaware of a broken down truck in the middle of the road and nearly crashed into it. Isis, flying overhead, turned his car intangible, allowing it to pass through the wreckage, but then he steered it off of a cliff. Isis used telekinesis to bring the vehicle to safety. Charlie later picked up Hope again and went joy-riding. His car broke down in the middle of the train tracks just as a train was coming. Isis flew down and called upon a bolt of lightning to jump-start Charlie's car so he could move it to safety.

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