Charley Davidson
Charley Davidson
Name Charley Davidson
Aliases Charlene Davidson
Continuity Biker Mice from Mars
Category Supporting character
Type Engineer
Race Human
Gender Female
Base of Operations Chicago, Illinois
Known relatives Unknown
Status Alive
Born Unknown
Died N/A
First Appearance Biker Mice from Mars: Rock and Ride!
Played by Leeza Miller McGee
Lisa Zane

Biography Edit

Charley Davidson was a mechanic who owned the Last Chance Garage in Chicago, Illinois. Charley was the target of an undscrupulous business man named Lawrence Limburger who, unknown to Charley at the time, was actually an alien from the planet Plutark masquerading as a human. Limburger sought to strip-mine Chicago for all of its mineral resources, which required razing the city little by little. He decided to begin with the Last Chance Garage. Limburger sent his surly henchman Greasepit to the Last Chance to muscle Charley out of her business. Fortunately, she was aided by the timely and unexpected arrival of the Biker Mice from Mars. The three alien bikers, Throttle, Vinnie and Modo fought with Greasepit and defeated him, sending him back to Limburger with his tail tucked between his legs. This earned them immense gratitude from Charley who offered the bikers shelter at her garage during their stay on Earth. [1]

A mechanical engineer, Charley made vast improvements on the bikers' motorcyles, upgrading them with state of the art weaponry that enhanced their ability to fend off the likes of Limburger, Greasepit, Doctor Karbunkle and the X-Terminator. [2]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Charley's name is an obvious reference to the Harley Davidson motorcycle manufacturing corporation.

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