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Jim Starlin
Jim Starlin
Birth name: James P. Starlin
Aliases: James Starlin
Sam Jiltirn
J.L. Minirats
Ms. Natjiril
Gender: Male
Medium(s): Comic books
Roles: Writer
Date of birth: October 9th, 1949
Place of birth: Detroit, Michigan
Notable works: Iron Man Vol 1

Jim Starlin is a comic book writer and artist born in Detroit, Michigan on October 9th, 1949. In terms of science fiction, Jim is best known for his work on titles published by Marvel Comics as well as Marvel's imprint Epic Comics. Jim Starlin co-created or expanded upon the characters of Adam Warlock, who is a cosmic being from Marvel's mainstream universe, and Vanth Dreadstar, a sci-fi hero from Marvel's epic line. For DC Comics, Jim worked on the Mystery in Space miniseries in the mid 2000s.

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