Name Caldorians
Aliases None
Continuity Dreadstar
Category Alien
Status Extinct
Homeworld Caldor
Stellar System Unknown
Galaxy Empirical Galaxy
Body type Feline
Average lifespan Unknown
Average Height 5'10"-6'5"
Average Weight Unknown
Limbs 4
Eyes 2
Fingers 10
Toes 10
Special adaptations Clawed hands and feet; pointed ears; sharpened canines; body fur
Social Structure
Native language Unknown
Representatives Oedi
Allies Order of the Instrumentality
Enemies The Monarchy
First Appearance

Caldorians were the indiginous and most dominant race on the planet Caldor. Because of its remoteness, Caldor saw very little of the civil war being waged between the Instrumentality and their rivals, the Monarchy. When the war first broke out, more than two-hundred years ago, the Instrumentality established scientific research centers on various worlds, searching for a discovery that would lead them to a weapon of such magnitude, that it would provide them with a decisive victory over the Monarchy.

Origins Edit

The Instrumentality set up a genetics laboratory on Caldor designed to create an artificially enhanced hybrid of baseline human and the common cat. It was their hope to create a race of savage warriors that possessed a human being's ingenuity with a feline's instincts. Instead what they found was that these new Caldorians were a gentle, peace-loving species with no natural aggressive instincts. Since they proved useless as soldiers, the Instrumentality found they were better served as farmers. The Instrumentality allowed the Caldorians to grow into a prosperous agrarian culture, but their first duty was to produce crops for the war effort. Once a year, the Instrumentality sent grain ships to Caldor to retrieve the yearly harvest. In exchange, the church provided the Caldorians with advanced machinery, medical supplies and common amenities.

Although the Caldorians lived primarily peaceful lives, there eventually came a point when they could no longer ignore the war. The Monarchy discovered that a human named Vanth Dreadstar and a former Instrumentality mystic named Syzygy Darklock were living on Caldor and sent a fleet of warships to bomb them. Vanth and Syzygy survived, but the settlement was decimated, killing more than 320 people. One survivor, Oedi, decided to join with Dreadstar and Darklock and became a part of their resistance cell.

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