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Brian Tanner
Brian Tanner 001
Name Brian Tanner
Aliases B
Continuity ALF
Category Supporting character
Type Child
Race Human
Gender Male
Base of Operations California
Known relatives Willie Tanner (father); Kate Tanner (mother); Lynn Tanner (sister)
Status Alive
Born 1976
Died N/A
First Appearance ALF: A.L.F.
Played by Benji Gregory

Brian Tanner was a character featured in the NBC sit-com ALF where he was played by actor Benji Gregory. Brian appeared in all 101 episodes of the series. Brian was the youngest of the Tanner children and was a kind-hearted, albeit impressionable young boy. ALF was his best friend and the two would spend their days watching television together. ALF was not always a positive influence on Brian however and Kate always had to keep a close on them to make sure that ALF wasn't proving to be a bad influence on her son.

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