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Brian is a fictional technician featured in the DC Television Universe. He was played by actor Harry Han and appeared in episode 2x07 of The Flash television series titled "Gorilla Warfare". This is the only appearance to date of the character.

Brian worked as a lab technician at Vaughn Pharmaceuticals in Central City under Doctor Jeffrey Shore. Shore had just given Brian an assignment when he suddenly found himself mentally enslaved by the genetically enhanced gorilla known as Grodd. Under Grodd's influence, Doctor Shore broke into a secure cabinet and withdrew a canister of a deadly bio-agent. Brian tried to intercept him, telling him that he wasn't allowed to remove the container, but the possessed Shore dashed Brian across the face with the canister before leaving the building.

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Brian - Walking Dead

Brian was an American Caucasian male and a survivor of the zombie apocalypse. When he was approximately twelve-years-old, he was living in the U.S. state of Virginia and became a member of a community known as Hilltop Colony. Brian was routinely bullied by two older boys, Brandon Rose and the unidentified son of Mister and Mrs. Harlan. Brian was fleeing from the pursuing boys one evening when Sophia intercepted them and defended Brian. This cause the boys to turn their attention upon her, which incurred the wrath of Sophia's close friend, Carl Grimes. Carl beat the bullies mercilessly with a shovel.

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