Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Brett.

True Blood Edit

True Blood 1x01 006

Brett was a young, blonde-haired fraternity student. He was dating a college classmate named Kelly and was traveling through Renard Parish one evening after having imbibed considerable amounts of alcohol. Bored, Kelly decided to amuse herself by giving Brett a hand-job, but this ended when he noticed a Grabbit Kwik store that advertised the sale of the synthetic blood substitute known as Tru Blood. The two screeched the brakes on their vehicle and parked at the store. Inside, they asked the clerk about Tru Blood, but moreover, they wanted to know about the town's vampire population. The clerk played a prank on them by pretending to be a vampire, a joke that Kelly found little humor in, but which Brett found to be quite comical. He then inquired about where to score some "v juice", which was a nickname for vampire blood which, if consumed by humans, acts as a narcotic. The clerk was eager and prepared to make a deal, at this point, one of the store patrons, a true vampire told them that they needed to leave. Brett responded "Fuck you". At this point, the good old boy bared his fangs and responded, "I'll fuck you, boy. First I'll fuck ya. And then I'll eat ya". This was enough to convince them both to leave. (True Blood: Strange Love)

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