Bolaji Badejo
Bolaji Badejo in Alien
Vital statistics
Name Bolaji Badejo
Aliases None
Place of birth Nigeria
Gender Male
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
First appearance Alien (1979)

Bolaji Badejo was a young African design student working in Nigeria when he met film director Ridley Scott. Taking note of Badejo's 7'2" frame, he immediately knew that he would be the perfect actor to play the part of the fully grown xenomorph in his sci-fi/horror film Alien. [1]

Body of work Edit

Film Edit

Alien 1979 The alien

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Alien is Bolaji Badejo's only known film role to date.
  • Scenes of Badejo out of the mask can be seen in The Alien Legacy documentary.
  • Eddie Powell doubled as the alien in some of the stunt scenes.

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References Edit

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