"They erased areas of your mind, they implanted new ideas. They literally took your mind to pieces and rebuilt it. And when they'd finished, they put you up and you confessed. You said you'd been "misguided." You appealed to everyone to support the Administration, hound up the traitors. Oh, they, they did a good job on you. You were very convincing. And then they took you back and erased even that."
Bran Foster
"The Way Back"
Series Blake's 7
Season 1, Episode 1
Blake's 7 1x1 001
Air date January 2nd, 1978
Writers Terry Nation
Director Michael E. Briant
Producers David Maloney
Starring Gareth Thomas; Sally Knyvette; Michael Keating; Robert Beatty; Robert James; Steven Pacey; Michael Halsey
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"Space Fall"

"The Way Back" is the first episode of series one of the British science fiction television series Blake's 7. It was directed by Michael E. Briant with a script written by Terry Nation. It first aired on Monday, January 2nd, 1978 on BBC One. In this episode, Roj Blake is a former leader of the resistance against the Federation, but he has been brainwashed to forget his involvement. When a massacre against resistance members takes place, the Federation decides to frame Blake rather than execute him, so as to not make him a martyr to the cause. Blake's friends in the Resistance try to restore his true memories and Blake learns the truth.

Synopsis Edit

Cast Edit

Principal cast Edit

Actor Role
Gareth Thomas Roj Blake
Sally Knyvette Jenna Stannis
Michael Keating Vila Restal
Robert Beatty Bran Foster
Robert James Ven Glynd
Steven Pacey Del Tarrant
Michael Halsey Tel Varon

Guest starring Edit

Actor Role
Pippa Steel Maja Varon
Gillian Bailey Ravella
Alan Butler Dal Richie
Margaret John Arbiter
Peter Williams Doctor Havant
Susan Field Alta Morag
Rodney Figaro Clerk of the court
Nigel Lambert Computer operator
Gary McDermott Guard
Alan Crisp Prisoner
Barry Hayes Citizen/Prisoner
Christopher Holmes Federation trooper
Derek Holt Citizen/prisoner
Mort Jackson Federation trooper
Mike Mungarvan Prisoner
Beryl Nesbitt Screaming woman
Peter Roy Citizen/Prisoner
Les Shannon Federation trooper
Sandy Sinclair Federation trooper
Barry Summerford Federation trooper
Derek Suthern Federation trooper
Reg Thomason Prisoner
Reg Turner Prisoner

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Pilot episode of the series.

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