Blake's 7
Blake's 7 (TV series)
Title: Blake's 7
Format: Live-Action
Running time: 50 min.
country: UK
Network: BBC1
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 52
Production company: British Broadcasting Corporation
Producers: David Maloney
Vere Lorrimer
Principal cast: Gareth Thomas
Sally Knyvette
Michael Keating
Robert Beatty
Robert James
Jeremy Wilkin
Michael Halsey
Air dates
First aired: January 2nd, 1978
Last aired: December 21st, 1981

Blake's 7 is a British science fiction program, which aired for four series (seasons) on BBC1 from 1978 to 1981. Each series consisted of thirteen episodes. The show was created by Doctor Who alumni Terry Nation with David Maloney producing the first three series. Vere Lorrimer produced series four. The BBC began issuing Blake's 7 on videotape from 1985. The initial releases, which were made available on both VHS and Betamax formats, comprised four compilation tapes containing selected episodes from the first three series. Starting in 1991, the entire series was released, in order, on VHS with two episodes per tape over twenty-six volumes. The plot of the programn centered on Roj Blake, a political refugee who escapes the totalitarian regime of the Terran Federation along with six other like-minded individuals aboard their star ship the Liberator.

Characters Edit

Character Actor Description
Roj Blake Gareth Thomas Roj Blake was a political dissident, who actively spoke out against the corrupt Terran Federation. He was captured after attending a proscribed political meeting outside the Domed City. Blake was brainwashed into becoming a model citizen, but soon found himself involved with another resistance group. The authorities hatched a plan to discredit Blake by framing him for child molestation and had him sentenced to life on the prison planet Cygnus Alpha. Blake led a prison revolt that involved several others who eventually became known as "Blake's 7".
Cally Jan Chappell Cally was a native of the planet Auron and was a guerrilla fighter for the anti-Federation resistance forces on the planet Saurian Major. The only alien amongst Blake's confederates, Cally was a telepath and could transmit her thoughts to the rest of the crew.
Kerr Avon Paul Darrow Avon was an aloof electronics and computer expert and erstwhile fraudster, who was found guilty of an attempt to embezzle five hundred million credits from the Terran Federation banking system.
Jenna Stannis Sally Knyvette Jenna was a beautiful but cynical smuggler and self-styled "free trader". She was captured by the Federation and sentenced to be transported to the prison colony on Cygnus Alpha. She befriended Roj Blake and assisted him in a mutiny on the transport ship and escaped with him aboard the Liberator.
Olag Gan David Jackson Olag Gan was a native of the planet Zephron. When a Federation officer murdered Olag's girlfriend, Gan killed him out of revenge and was sentenced to Cygnus Alpha. He met fellow inmate Roj Blake and participated in his escape attempt, but was left behind when Blake escaped on the Liberator.
Vila Restal Michael Keating Vila was a thief and a member of Earth's Delta grade criminal underclass. He met Roj Blake while trying to pick-pocket him inside of a prison cell block. Vila later participated in the rebellion aboard the transport ship London but was left behind when Blake escaped in the Liberator.
Zen Peter Tuddenham The main computer aboard the Liberator, Zen was a veritable artificial intelligence.

Episodes Edit

Series One Edit

Episode Title Airdate
1x1 The Way Back January 2nd, 1978
1x2 Space Fall January 9th, 1978
1x3 Cygnus Alpha January 16th, 1978
1x4 Time Squad January 23rd, 1978
1x5 The Web January 30th, 1978
1x6 Seek-Locate-Destroy February 6th, 1978
1x7 Mission to Destiny February 13th, 1978
1x8 Duel February 20th, 1978
1x9 Project Avalon February 27th, 1978
1x10 Breakdown March 6th, 1978
1x11 Bounty March 13th, 1978
1x12 Deliverance March 20th, 1978
1x13 Orac March 27th, 1978

Series Two Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x1 Redemption January 9th, 1979
2x2 Shadow January 16th, 1979
2x3 Weapon January 23rd, 1979
2x4 Horizon January 30th, 1979
2x5 Pressure Point February 6th, 1979
2x6 Trial February 13th, 1979
2x7 Killer February 20th, 1979
2x8 Hostage February 27th, 1979
2x9 Countdown March 6th, 1979
2x10 Voice from the Past March 13th, 1979
2x11 Gambit March 20th, 1979
2x12 The Keeper March 27th, 1979
2x13 Star One April 3rd, 1979

Series Three Edit

Episode Title Airdate
3x1 Aftermath January 7th, 1980
3x2 Power Play January 14th, 1980
3x3 Volcano January 21st, 1980
3x4 Dawn of the Gods January 28th, 1980
3x5 The Harvest of Kairos February 4th, 1980
3x6 City at the Edge of the World February 11th, 1980
3x7 Children of Auron February 18th, 1980
3x8 Rumours of Death February 25th, 1980
3x9 Sarcophagus March 3rd, 1980
3x10 Ultraworld March 10th, 1980
3x11 Moloch March 11th, 1980
3x12 Death-Watch March 24th, 1980
3x13 Terminal March 31st, 1980

Series Four Edit

Episode Title Airdate
4x1 Rescue September 28th, 1981
4x2 Power October 5th, 1981
4x3 Traitor October 12th, 1981
4x4 Stardrive October 19th, 1981
4x5 Animals October 26th, 1981
4x6 Headhunter November 2nd, 1981
4x7 Assassin November 9th, 1981
4x8 Games November 16th, 1981
4x9 Sand November 23rd, 1981
4x10 Gold November 30th, 1981
4x11 Orbit December 7th, 1981
4x12 Warlord December 14th, 1981
4x13 Blake December 21st, 1981

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The series was created by Terry Nation, the man responsible for developing the popular Dalek species featured in the Doctor Who program.
  • The plot of the series is very similar to the central theme from Farscape.

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