Space Jockey 001

A biomechanoid is a synthesis of organic biological material with complex mechanical components. They differ from cyborgs in that the biological matter and the mechanical elements are are fully integrated with one another for optimal function, as opposed to cybernetic entities, whose mechanical components are instituted in order to replace a failed or missing organ. Certain alien life forms are known to be biomechanical in nature. In the audio commentary for the Special Edition of Alien, director Ridley Scott posited that the enigmatic "Space Jockey" found on LV-426 at the beginning of the film was a biomechanoid. Not all biomechanoids have to be bipedal humanoid life forms however. In the television series Farscape, the Leviathan prison ships such as Moya are biomechanical in nature in that they experience a growth cycle in which both organic and mechanical elements develop in synthesis with one another.

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