Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Billy.

Marvel Universe Edit

Billy is a character who appeared in Chamber of Darkness #7. Billy and his cohort Clive hailed from a small European town and sought to steal a golden statue of an angel in the hopes of smelting it down for valuable, transportable gold. The sculptor, Vogel, was actually an evil gargoyle who punished Billy and Clive for their wickedness by dunking them in a vat of molten gold.

The Walking Dead Edit

Billy - Walking Dead

Billy was a young boy who was a toddler during the early years of the zombie apocalypse. He was the son of Allen and Donna, and had a twin brother named Ben. He was part of the original campsite group outside of Atlanta. He then took up brief shelter at the Greene farm in rural Georgia. After the farm became overrun with walkers, the family relocated to an abandoned prison for a prolonged period of time. Following the deaths of Allen and Donna, Billy was adopted by Andrea and Dale. As the twins grew older, his brother Ben became psychotic. He brutally murdered Billy by stabbing him to death. Carl Grimes avenged Billy's death by shooting Ben. Both brothers were buried together.


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