"In this universe all you need is... you brains... your bros... and your bikes!"
Biker Mice from Mars 1
Biker Mice from Mars 1
Vital statistics
Series Biker Mice from Mars
Title "Biker Mice from Mars"
Volume 1
Number 1
Cover date November, 1993
Cover price 1.50
Publisher Marvel Comics
Editor-in-Chief Tom DeFalco
Writers Rick Ungar; Bob Forward
Pencilers Rurik Tyler
Inkers Gary Fields
Cover Artists Uncredited
Colorists Pocho Bemko
Letterers Gary Fields
Editors Mort Todd
Issue navigation
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Plot Edit

The Biker Mice from Mars are three anthropomorphic, motorcycle-riding mice who lived on the planet Mars. Aside from being "bad mammajammers", they were also freedom fighters, committing themselves against the conquering alien race known as the Plutarkians. Outside the planet's atmosphere, a Plutarkian ship attacks the Bikers, forcing them to take their rocketsled to the nearest planet - Earth. The sled crashes into Wrigley Field and is destroyed. They disembark on their motorcycles (housed within the sled) and ride off. They make their way into the inner downtown streets of Chicago and take note of the poverty and ruin that seems to be gripping the city.

From the top of a high-rise building, wealthy industrialist Lawrence Limburger surveys "his" city. Limburger is actually a Plutarkian disguised as a human. He was assigned to Earth to infiltrate human society and use his resources to subtly strip-mine the planet of its natural resources - beginning with Chicago. Limburger determines that the best place to begin his private urban renewal project is at the Last Chance Garage. He sends his ill-mannered flunky, Greasepit, down to the garage to hassle the owner.

Greasepit goes down there and harangues the proprietor Charley Davidson. Charley is un-intimidated by the larger man and refuses to be muscled out of her shop. The Bikers arrive and decide to help Charley out. They fight with Greasepit and use grease canisters and tires to trip him up. They run him out of the shop and raise their fists in victory.

Appearances Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Citizens at Wrigley Field



  • None


  • The Bikers' motorcycles

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Released to coincide with the Biker Mice from Mars animated series, but actually shipped a weeks earlier than the premiere episode.

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