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Biker Mice from Mars
Biker Mice from Mars (1993 TV series)
Title Biker Mice from Mars
Format Animated
Running Time 30 min.
Country USA
Network UPN
Seasons 3
Number of Episodes 65
Production Company Marvel Productions
Brentwood Television Funnies
Executive Producers Norman Singer; Tom Tataranowicz; Rick Ungar
Producers Tom Tataranowicz
Principal Cast Dorian Harewood; Rob Paulsen; Ian Ziering; Leeza Miller McGee; W. Morgan Sheppard
Air Dates
First Aired September 18th, 1993
Last Aired February 24th, 1996

Biker Mice from Mars was an animated science fiction program created by Rick Ungar in conjunction with Marvel Productions. It was based on the three-issue Biker Mice from Mars comic book series, published by Marvel Comics and released in tandem with the premiere of the series. The series premiered in September of 1993 and aired on the UPN network for three seasons spanning a total of sixty-five episodes. The series was revived in 2006 with a production of twenty-six new episodes. The plot of Biker Mice from Mars centered around three anthropomorphic mouse motorcyclists named Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie who escaped from their home planet Mars following a war perpetuated by a conquering race known as the Plutarkians. They came to Earth where they befriended a garage owner named Charlene "Charley" Davidson (an obvious pun on motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson) and set up shop at the Last Chance Garage in Chicago, Illinois. The bikers frequently found themselves at odds with the Plutarkian industrialist Lawrence Limburger and his dimwitted henchman Greasepit.

Episodes Edit

Season One Edit

Episode Title Airdate
1x1 Rock and Ride! September 18th, 1993
1x2 The Reeking Reign of the Head Cheese (Part 1) September 25th, 1993
1x3 The Reeking Reign of the Head Cheese (Part 2) October 2nd, 1993
1x4 We Don't Need No Stinkin' City October 9th, 1993
1x5 A Mouse and His Motorcycle October 16th, 1993
1x6 Test of Friendship October 23rd, 1993
1x7 The Masked Motorcyclist October 30th, 1993
1x8 The Pits November 6th, 1993
1x9 Road Ravens November 13th, 1993
1x10 A Scent, a Memory, a Far Distant Cheese November 20th, 1993
1x11 Steelfinger November 27th, 1993
1x12 Chill Zone January 22nd, 1994
1x13 Hard Rock January 29th, 1994

Season Two Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x1 Steal of the Century September 20th, 1994
2x2 We're Going to Cheesyland September 21st, 1994
2x3 Stone Broke September 22nd, 1994
2x4 The Motor City Maniac September 26th, 1994
2x5 Upwardly Mobile September 28th, 1994
2x6 Last Stand at Last Chance September 29th, 1994
2x7 Back to Mars (Part 1) October 3rd, 1994
2x8 Back to Mars (Part 2) October 4th, 1994
2x9 Back to Mars (Part 3) October 5th, 1994
2x10 The Tribunal October 10th, 1994
2x11 Motocross Trap October 12th, 1994
2x12 Unforgiven Cheese October 13th, 1994
2x13 Bleu Cheese Bros October 17th, 1994
2x14 The Inquisition October 19th, 1994
2x15 Stalkers October 22nd, 1994
2x16 I, Greasepit October 24th, 1994
2x17 Villain of the Year October 25th, 1994
2x18 Cheeseloggers October 27th, 1994
2x19 Hickory Dickory Doc October 31st, 1994
2x20 Die Fledermice November 2nd, 1994
2x21 Law of the Pits November 7th, 1994
2x22 Danger Is Our Business November 15th, 1994
2x23 Mad Scientist Wanted November 17th, 1994
2x24 Lake Michi-Gone November 18th, 1994
2x25 Seeds of Victory November 23rd, 1994
2x26 Pwetty Wady December 1st, 1994
2x27 My Cheese is Quick December 15th, 1994
2x28 Verminator December 23rd, 1994
2x29 Cheese Cadets January 9th, 1995
2x30 So Like Life January 19th, 1995
2x31 Garbage Wars January 26th, 1995
2x32 Vicious Cycles February 9th, 1995
2x33 Cycle Centaurs February 16th, 1995
2x34 Modo Hangs It Up February 23rd, 1995
2x35 What Smells Worse Than a Plutarkian Lawyer? March 1st, 1995
2x36 Below the Horizon March 9th, 1995
2x37 Big Trouble April 13th, 1995
2x38 Academy of Hard Knocks April 20th, 1995
2x39 High Rollin' Rodents April 23rd, 1995

Season Three Edit

Episode Title Airdate
3x1 Biker Knights of the Round Table (Part 1) September 23rd, 1995
3x2 Biker Knights of the Round Table (Part 2) September 30th, 1995
3x3 Virtual Unreality October 7th, 1995
3x4 Pitfall October 14th, 1995
3x5 Diet of Worms October 21st, 1995
3x6 Rocket and Rideth November 4th, 1995
3x7 Too Many Limburgers Spoil the Cheese November 11th, 1995
3x8 Hit the Road, Jack November 18th, 1995
3x9 Caveat Mentor November 25th, 1995
3x10 Where No Mouse Has Gone Before January 3rd, 1996
3x11 Once Upon a Time on Mars (Part 1) February 10th, 1996
3x12 Once Upon a Time on Mars (Part 2) February 17th, 1996
3x13 Once Upon a Time on Mars (Part 3) February 24th, 1996

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • A Biker Mice from Mars video game was released by Konami for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994. In 2006, Biker Mice from Mars was released based on the 2006 Revival in Finland, Australia & The United Kingdom for the Nintendo DS & Sony PS2 consoles.

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