Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Benjamin.

Variations include Ben and Benjie.

The Walking Dead Edit

Walking Dead 7x09 006

Benjamin was a young man and a survivor of the zombie apocalypse. As a teenager, his father and he became members of a community known as the Kingdom. Benjamin's father died, but Benjamin continued to work with the community. He wanted to train himself to be a fighter so he could help defend the Kingdom against attacks from both walkers and the Saviors. A new member to the Kingdom, Morgan Jones, helped teach him combat moves. Benjamin also had a chance encounter with Carol Peletier in the woods, who told him he needed to improve his movement techniques as she could hear him from a mile away. Benjamin also encouraged King Ezekiel to aid Rick Grimes and the people of Alexandria in a pending war with the Saviors. Ezekiel led his entourage to pay their scheduled tribute to the Saviors. They ended up being late to the meeting however, and their supply was short due to the machinations of Richard. Group leader Gavin meted out punishment, and had his enforcer Jared shoot a member of the group. Richard thought that he would be the one to give his life, but Jared actually shot Benjamin in the thigh, piercing an artery. They scrambled to help him and brought him back to Carol's cottage, but it was too late. Benjamin died from his injuries. His passing had a particularly traumatic effect on Morgan.


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  2. Walking Dead: Rock in the Road
  3. Walking Dead: New Best Friends
  4. Walking Dead: Bury Me Here

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