Behemoth, the Sea Monster
Behemoth, the Sea Monster
Title: Behemoth, the Sea Monster
Directed by: Douglas Hickox; Eugène Lourié
Written by: Eugène Lourié; Robert Abel; Allen Adler
Produced by: David Diamond; Ted Lloyd
Music by: Edwin Astley
Cinematography: Desmond Davis; Ken Hodges
Edited by: Lee Doig
Distributed by: Artistes Alliance Ltd.
Diamond Pictures Corp.
Allied Artists Pictures
Released: March 3rd, 1959
Rating: Unrated
Running time: 80 min.
Country: USA
Language: English

Behemoth, the Sea Monster, also known as The Giant Behemoth, is an American science fiction film of the giant monster subgenre. It was directed by Douglas Hickox and Eugène Lourié with a script written by Lourié, based on a story treatment by Robert Abel and Allen Adler. It was produced by Artistes Alliance Ltd. and Diamond Pictures Corp. It was released through Allied Artists Pictures and premiered theatrically in the United States on March 3rd, 1959. The film stars Gene Evans as Steve Karnes, with André Morell as Professor James Bickford. It also stars John Turner as John, Leigh Madison as Jean Trevethan, Jack MacGowran as Doctor Sampson, Maurice Kaufmann as a submarine officer, Henri Vidon as Tom Trevethan, and Leonard Sachs as a scientist.

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Actor Role
Gene Evans Steve Karnes
André Morell Professor James Bickford
John Turner John
Leigh Madison Jean Trevethan
Jack MacGowran Doctor Sampson
Maurice Kaufmann Mini-submarine officer
Henri Vidon Tom Trevethan
Leonard Sachs Scientist

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1950s; Cornwall; Dinosaur; England; Fish; Giant monster; London; River Thames; Scientist; Submarine