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Barbara was a Caucasian woman in her mid to late thirties with auburn hair. She was a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone in Alexandria, Virginia. Barbara often attended most community functions, but rarely took a measured position on any one issue. She usually flitted around the background, hobnobbing with other residents. Barbara bore witness to some of the more memorable events to take place in Alexandria. She attended Deanna Monroe's party welcoming Rick Grimes and his group into town. She was present for the accidental murder of Reg Monroe and the subsequent execution of Pete Anderson. When walkers broke through the barriers into the town, Barbara took up arms to defend her home, killing several zombies, and retreating to the infirmary after the streets had been cleared. Barbara was present at another town council meeting following Rick and his group's most harrowing battle with the Saviors. She listened as Rick told them that he was no longer their leader, and they now had to follow the orders of Savior leader, Negan.


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