Vital statistics
Name Azaran
Aliases None
Category Country
Galaxy Milky Way
Stellar System Sol system
Planet Earth
Country N/A
State/Province N/A
City N/A
Locale Middle East
Residents Abu Zeki; Colonel Salim
Points of interest None
First Appearance Andromeda Breakthrough: Cold Front

Azaran is a fictional independent nation located in the Middle East that served as the primary setting of the 1962 The Andromeda Breakthrough television series. In the early 1970s, the Intel Trading Consortium established a power base in Azaran and used their laboratories to set up their own supercomputer, based upon designs of its predecessor from Thorness, Scotland, which was developed using alien technology.

The political situation in Azaran grew tumultous as a revolution perpetuated by a military commander named Colonel Salim waged an internecine struggle to take control of the country. The situation intensified when bizarre and violent weather patterns swept across several countries, including Azaran. It was believed that the adverse weather had been caused by the supercomputer, which was striving to satisfy its original programming - the complete subjugation of the planet Earth. Fortunately, scientist John Fleming and the clone known as Andromeda found a way to bring the machine back under human control.

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  • Abu Zeki
  • Colonel Salim

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